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The Key Moments

Publié le 23 mars 2004 à 11:31:13
3rd August 1950: Olympique Lyonnais created

Season 1959-60: the Argentinian Nestor Combin, nicknamed "the Lightning", author of historical goals, is recruited

Season 1960-61: Fleury Di Nallo, "the small prince de Gerland", future author of 220 goals, starts his career at the OL

1963: final of the Coupe de France against Monaco (lost 2-0)

1964: the OL wins the Coupe de France against Bordeaux (2-0) and reaches the semi-finals of the European Coupe des Coupes

1967: the OL wins the Coupe de France against Sochaux (3-1)

Season 1968-1969: André Guy finishes as the best striker of the Championship (28 goals)

Season 1969-1970: Serge Chiesa, “the small Mozart”, arrives at the club and discovers the first team

1971: final of the Coupe de France against Rennes (defeat)

1973: the OL wins the Coupe de France against Nantes (2-1)

1976: final of the Coupe de France against Marseille (lost 0-2)

1983: the OL gets relegated to Division 2

June 1987: Jean Michel AULAS arrives with an ambitious project ("OL-Europe"), intended to get the team back up in Division 1 and to qualify for a European competition within 4 years

1989: the OL gets promoted to Division 1 with the title of Division 2's Champion of France

1991: 5th of the Championship, the OL gets back on the European stage

Season 1993-1994: Abédi Pelé, Pascal Olmeta, and Manu Amoros join the club

1995: the OL finishes second in the Championship; this is its best result since its creation

1996: the OL loses the final of the Coupe de la Ligue to Metz (0-0, 5 penalties to 4) 1997: the OL wins the Intertoto Cup

1999: the OL recruits Sonny Anderson (in what is then the biggest French transfer); he ends up the best striker of the championship with 23 goals

21st July 2000: a momentous meeting between the Olympique Lyonnais, from those who gave it its history, and/to the Lyonnais themselves, on the day of the club's fiftieth birthday, with sparks a passion without precedent in the history of the club. With animations throughout the streets of the city; the presence of more than 150 former players of the Olympique Lyonnais; a superb match opposing the OL to Benfica; the pyrotechnical show at the Gerland stadium, and various official receptions, the day was long, very long... and rich in emotions.

2000: 7th November 2000... 22h38. In the roar of the Gerland stadium, for the first time in its history, the Olympique Lyonnais qualifies (against Olympiakos) for the second round of the Champions League, and joins, to its supporters'greatest joy, the very best clubs of European football. The OL will get to meet in its European quest Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Spartak Moscow.

2001: the OL wins the Coupe de la Ligue against Monaco (2-1 in extra-time) at the Stade de France. It finishes second of the championship and Sonny Anderson finishes Golden Boot with 22 goals.

2002: the OL obtains its first title of Champion of France; it qualifies, for the third consecutive season, for the Champions League. The club also wins the Trophée des Champions against Lorient (5-1)

2003: the OL wins the title of Champion of France for the second time in a row, a record not achieved in French football in the last 10 years. The club is qualified for the 4th consecutive season for the Champions League (another first, in French football). The Trophée des Champions also remains in Lyon, after the OL's victory against Auxerre 2 - 1. Sonny Anderson, the talisman, leaves the OL after 4 seasons, 94 goals and 171 matches.