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The 8 presidents of the OL

Publié le 23 mars 2004 à 11:32:38
From 1950 until today, from Mr. Arnaud Groslevin to Mr. Jean-Michel Aulas, here are the 8 presidents that the club has known so far.

Jean-Michel AULAS: Since 1987

His motto is -and always was-: ' Patience and time on our side ': "We were confident of snatching some titles one day, with our way of operating, but we did not know when..." he claimed a few hours before the 2002 French championship final.

A sentence which encapsulates the trademark of the OL president: a mixture of ambition and audacity, which never forgets neither hard work nor modernism. And so be it if this ruffles a few feathers!

"We will be European in three years", he claimed to general surprise as his team surfaced at the forefront of the elite of French football, at the end of the Eighties. "We are gunning for the title", he hammers out at each start of the season, once the OL has qualified for a European place…

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Charles MIGHIRIAN: 1983-1987

Raymond PERROT: 1982-1983

Jean PERROT: 1981-1982

Roger MICHAUX: 1977-1981

Edouard RATCHET: 1965-1977

Ferdinand MALLET: 1959-1965

Arnaud GROSLEVIN: 1950-1959