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A rigorous selection

Publié le 19 mars 2004 à 12:16:27
The amateur football section of the Olympique Lyonnais was created in 1950, just like the professional section.

Section Amateur

350 Avenue Jean

Jaurès 69007 Lyon

Tel.: 04 72 80 03 45

Faxes: 04 78 79 10 66


The Statistics

The Olympique Lyonnais amateur section exists since 1950. Its purpose is to detect and train young footballers. At the OL, school results are as important as sporting performances.

The OL numbers 375 licensed players, including 140 Juniors in Sport Studies within the formation structures jointly headed by a Director of sports activities and a Director of studies.

The lodging house hosts 25 boarders sharing 17 rooms.

Schooling is carried out normally in college, then in specially adapted lycée classes, in order to prepare the Baccalauréats (Higher Studies degrees) L-ES-S-TT in 4 years instead of 3, as well as the BEP VAM (Sales - Commercial) degree.

Footballers who attend college are lodged at the college St Louis - St Bruno boarding school. Baccalauréat's success rate : 90 %.

The centre also features 45 managers, 38 teachers and 10 referees to see to 19 teams, including 6 Poussins, 4 Benjamins, 3 Thirteen years old, 2 Fifteen years old, 2 Seventeen years old and 2 Espoir (Hope) teams.