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Property of the municipality, the Gerland stadium is used by the Olympique Lyonnais since 1950. But if the stadium has been hosting the OL since the after-war, it has also known an intense activity at the turn of the century and in between the two World Wars. Here is its history...

The Gerland stadium, this also means...

- 12 municipal labourers

- 10 gardeners

- 2 land-mowers

- a very homogeneous, fatty ray styled, pitch, 7.140 m² wide, mowed at between 25 and 28 mm

- 4 45 meters high lamp-posts, each of them supporting 216 1.800 Watts light-bulbs

- 28 remote monitoring cameras

- 168 seats for the Press corp

- 265 seats for the handicapped

- 623 “Prestige” seats

- 461 “Club of the 100” seats

- 335 seats in the “Jean Jaurès” boxes

The total cost of the Gerland stadium's maintenance amounted to 32.655.000 Euros, shared between the town of Lyon for 54 %; the State 13%; the greater Lyon Urban Community 12%; the Rhones department 12%; and the Region 9%.

Gerland's Landmarks...

May 1926: stadium inaugurated

1942: the athletics track is entirely remade in time for a meeting between France and Switzerland

27th August 1950: first match of the Olympique Lyonnais, then in Division 2, against the Paris CA (3-0)

1954: a report on the stadium is published, reporting an increase in its occupancy rate; a project of widening and covering the stands is then put together

1957: in preparation for a match between the OL and St-Etienne, the club requires an authorization for setting up a wooden stand of 2.000 seats

14th January 1959: first European match (Coupe des Villes de Foire) of the Olympique Lyonnais. Return match against Inter Milan (1-1)

1961: project of a 85.000 seats stadium if the city hosts the Olympic Games; the cycle-racing track is removed

17th October 1967: first hosting of a match by the national team at Gerland. France loses 3 goals to 1 to Spain

9th September 1980: largest crowd at Gerland for the Lyon - St Etienne derby, with 48.552 spectators

1984: the Gerland stadium hosts two matches of the European championship, Denmark - Yugoslavia and Denmark - Spain

1986: final of the Coupe des coupes, Dynamo Kiev 3 - Atletico Madrid 0

14th October 1994: the Prime Minister officially names Gerland as one of the stadiums that will host the World Cup 98

July 96: restoration of the Gerland stadium, in its current configuration, begins

July 97: Tournament of France

7th April 1998: renovated stadium inaugurated

June - July 98: World cup 98. Eight matches, including France Denmark (2-1)