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ENGLISH : The statistics

Publié le 05 mars 2004 à 10:34:47
330.000: Weekly total audience of the OL Télé programmes

50.000: Number of shirts sold during the 2002-2003 season

48.552: The largest audience at the Gerland stadium, 9/09/1980, against the ASSE (Saint-Etienne)

41.852: Current capacity of the Gerland stadium

36.717: Average audience during championship

23.000: Number of subscribers for the 2003-2004 season

1.200: Number of staff working in Gerland the evening of the matches

541: Greatest number of matches disputed under the OL colours (Serge Chiesa)

228: Number of matches played in the French 1st division with the OL by a current player (Grégory Coupet - at the end of 2003)

220: Best striker of the club (Fleury Di Nallo)

140: Number of apprentices in Sport Studies

94: Percentage of occupancy rate of the Gerland stadium in championship