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The OL Foundation's Board of Directors, chaired since 2018 by Camille Abily and Thierry Fremaux, defines the organization’s strategy and priorities for action. Composed of representatives from Olympique Lyonnais and qualified personalities such as Raymond DOMENECH and Sidonie MERIEUX, the board of directors meets regularly in committees to decide major partnerships, analyze calls for projects submissions and define actions of general interest to set up during the season.


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The OL Foundation Board of Directors (from left to right): Camille ABILY (President), Raymond DOMENECH, Thierry FREMAUX (President), Claudio CAÇAPA, Jean-Michel AULAS, Thierry ROCOURT (Cinémas Pathé), Ludivine SAPIN, Elie MINA, and Sidonie MERIEUX (not pictured)





Camille ABILY and Thierry FREMAUX are the new presidents of the OL Foundation, succeeding Bernard LACOMBE (2011-2018) and original president Sonny Anderson (2007-2011).

Camille ABILY, former international footballer and emblematic playmaker of OL's women's team, and current U15 female educator and pedagogical leader of the OL Academy:

" I'm proud to have been asked to be President, it's a new sign of appreciation from the club that’s had a huge impact on me. I had a very emotional time with the Foundation during my playing career, it's always good for me to bring smiles and joy to others, and I hope I can continue to deliver positive messages in this new role. "


Thierry FREMAUX, President of the Lumière Festival, General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, Director of the Lumière Institute, OL Foundation administrator since 2015:

" I am appreciative of the achievements that have already been made by the OL Foundation over the past 10 years and the strong innovation that is at the heart of every project, and the developments around Groupama Stadium to make it a place to share with an ambitious social vocation. No other stadium like this exists in Europe! "



In order to carry out all the projects and organize the partnerships with OL Foundation collaborators, an operational team has been set in place: 

Maëlle TRARIEUX: General Delegate, OL Fondation
Christophe DURAND: Project Manager, OL Fondation

Email: contact@olfondation.com
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