A symbol of the club's commitment to values of respect and solidarity, the OL Foundation has been carrying out social commitments and supporting projects of general interest for over 10 years. 

The Foundation’s activities are based on three commitments:

- Rely on the skills and legitimacy of the community 
- Establish partnerships over time to optimize their social impact
- Mobilize Olympique Lyonnais players and staff to network with the club’s partners in the community and highlight their work

For the 2018-2021 cycle, the OL FOUNDATION has chosen to support three major causes:

- Insertion through sport: Sport dans la Ville
- Education: Ma Chance, Moi Aussi
- Assistance to sick or hospitalized people: The Femme-Mère-Enfant Hospital’s Transition Space and “Sport for sick children” project




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A major player in France in the field of social insertion, Sport dans la Ville has used sport for 20 years to support more than 6,500 neighborhood youth in their social and professional development. 

As a founding partner of Sport dans la Ville, the OL Foundation chose during the 2018/19 season to support the "StreetFootballWorld" tournament organized by the association for the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019, with the semifinals and final to take place at Lyon’s Groupama Stadium. This tournament will allow more than 350 young people from all over the world to promote women's sport, gender equality and football values. 

Various events
have been organized throughout the year to allow young people from Sport dans la Ville to share unforgettable moments with OL players, both male and female.


To learn more about Sport dans la Ville, visit: www.sportdanslaville.com

Support Sport dans la Ville’s initiatives by reserving sporting grounds or event rooms at: http://campus.sportdanslaville.com/





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Winner of the call for projects fan initiative organized for the 10th anniversary of the OL Foundation, “Ma Chance, Moi Aussi” is a civic and social organization dedicated to providing educational support to French children from families with difficulties living in priority neighborhoods, from primary school to college level. 

To date, Ma Chance, Moi Aussi has opened four centers in the Chambéry region, offering daily help to local children thanks to the association’s hired educators. Nearly 70 children participate in the organizations’s various programs: help with homework; exposure to music, sports, arts; vacations, etc. 

The OL Foundation supports Ma Chance Moi Aussi for setting roots in Lyon, through the opening of a center in the city’s 8th district in 2018, as well as a future location at Groupama Stadium beginning in 2019.

Lyon players and the entire Olympique Lyonnais family will assist these children in their educational journeys.


To learn more about Ma Chance, Moi Aussi, visit: www.machancemoiaussi.org 

Support Ma Chance, Moi Aussi by making a donation: http://machancemoiaussi.org/nous-soutenir/





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The OL Foundation has chosen to commit to a new healthcare partner during the 2018-2021 cycle: the Femme Mère Enfant hospital, renowned for its "Sport and health of sick children" global project and the first hospital in to have a "Transition Space" dedicated to adolescents with chronic diseases.

Numerous activities are organized throughout the year, especially with the women's and men's professional teams, as well as OL Academy players and educators, to work with young patients.

Opened in 2008, the Femme Mère Enfant hospital in Bron is the third-ranked pediatric hospital in France, and the largest outside the Ile-de-France region. It’s the national reference center for 20 rare diseases, with more than 80,000 consultations per year.


To learn more about the Femme Mère Enfant hospital, visit: http://www.chu-lyon.fr/fr/hopital-femme-mere-enfant


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