International development

Assemble, unite, build.


For more than 10 years, Olympique Lyonnais has chosen to engage internationally through a model based on sharing the club's world-renowned expertise in both training and women's football.

Strong values such as excellence, equality, communication and sustainability have served as the basis for the success that the club has had on every continent.

"Our international development is based, above all, on our values. Values of sustainability, but also the values of training and diversity.

Our ambition is to unite our community of partners over time around a language, that encompasses a common vision of football."

Jean-Michel Aulas


Consistently recognised among the top three clubs in Europe in terms of player development over the last ten years, Olympique Lyonnais is developing technical collaborations aimed at adapting OL’s expertise for various different professional clubs, federations and elite academies.

These bespoke collaborations centre around the vision of each partner, supported by OL’s staff. These experts from the club’s academy work to transfer skills that focus on all aspects of high-level football, ranging from instruction philosophy to the training of educators, recruitment or development in the medical and athletic performance fields.

  • Coaching education

  • Training methodologies

  • Development of women's football

  • Scouting

  • Infrastructure management

  • OL Academy internships

  • Athletic performance and training

  • Medical

  • Sporting Clube Farense
  • OL Reign
  • Fath Union Sport de Rabat
  • Dakar Sacré Coeur
  • Pelé Academia
  • Resende FC
  • Fédération de Football d'Ho Chi Minh Ville
  • Athletico Sports Club Lebanon
  • Fédération de Football de Chengdu
OL Clinics & Camps

In addition to its work in strategic development, Olympique Lyonnais regularly opens its doors to one-off training courses and workshops. This programming makes it possible to share OL's expertise both globally and within its own academy.


Do you want to develop your project with Olympique Lyonnais? Whether you are a club, a private organisation, a school or an institution, our team is here to answer your questions.

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