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Jean-Michel Aulas: "We're going to go back to our basics, focusing on OL's DNA"

Published on 11 May 2022 at 5:09 PM
Jean-Michel Aulas : « On va revenir à nos basiques en privilégiant l'ADN OL »
OL President Jean-Michel Aulas took advantage of a press conference with Wendie Renard and Maxence Caqueret to discuss the latest club news. Watch in full on OLPLAY and the club's Youtube channel.

A new strategy

"We haven't been up to the necessary level this season with the men's team. It's been a challenging season. We've made mistakes. Some have been a little hard on us because the institution overall is doing very well, even with mixed results. There have also been extra-sporting issues. We are thinking about how we can recover quickly. There have been very good results from the youngsters, like winning the Gambardella. Let's get back to basics, we have to go back to what we know how to do at OL. We have won 67 titles since my arrival. This does not obscure our desire to win more. We must focus on the OL DNA, as some of our young players trained at the club have confirmed."


The arrival of new partners

“Regarding new partners, there has been demand. There will be an arrival of those who can help us economically. I will stay. We are going to refocus on our values, on football, and also our communication. We must have the means to realize our ambitions. There are more applicants than places available."


Peter Bosz's future

“The trend is to define what are the criteria for choosing the coach for the next few years. It would be a mistake to decide to change. We will wait for the confirmation of the new partners. There are other things to be changed. All of this is ongoing."


The next transfer window

“A number of initiatives have been taken in terms of recruitment. There will be departures and arrivals with quite significant risks being made. We want to start again on very ambitious level, as we did with the women's team last season... There is a very specific plan for the players who are at the end of their contracts next season. We are making progress in these cases. I spoke with Cherki's parents to offer him a long term deal. We hope he will be one of those players we can rely on... If we have to make compromises to get Alex Lacazette, we will make them."


The match against Nantes Saturday

“The stadium should be full. I know the players are going to have a good game. Even if there is one chance in 1000, we must be play to the end. I have confidence in our supporters and hope that there is nothing untoward. We are in a phase of discussions to move toward the future in a positive way."