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Peter Bosz on OLNS: "It's my responsibility to get us out of this situation"

Published on 23 December 2021 at 7:00 PM
Peter Bosz dans OLNS : « C'est ma responsabilité de nous sortir de cette situation »
OL coach Peter Bosz was Barth's special guest this Thursday on OL Night System. He took stock of his debut at the club before looking, with determination and ambition, towards the new year. The entire program can be found on OLPLAY.

A lack of consistency

“I don't work with robots but with humans, who are all different. I had been told that this was the problem for several years. We aren't there yet. We will analyze things well with my staff. We're going to look at what we don't do well, but there are also things that we do well. We have the lowest number of minutes in the championship where we have been behind. It shows that we are dropping a lot of points. So we have to find the problem: concentration, substitution patterns... In the end, all of this has not lead to good results."


What the youngsters bring to the team

“I'm very happy with the young players who have come into the team like Castello Lukeba, Malo Gusto… They are playing well. Sometimes they make mistakes, but that's their lack of experience. The mentality they show on the pitch when they play is truly impressive."


Your own state of mind

“I put players on the pitch. The choice is mine. I'm part of the team. The coach is always responsible. I have been in the business for a long time. At big clubs like OL, you have to win. At OL, we are looking ahead. I see how we're going to get out of this situation. I am very confident. It won't be easy but we'll get there, believe me. It is my responsibility. I see this as a challenge."


L'intégralité de l'interview de Peter Bosz est à visionner ici sur OLPLAY.