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Tino Kadewere: ' Give everything in this match because it can give me confidence ''

Published on 24 November 2021 at 5:58 PM
Tino Kadewere : ''Tout donner sur ce match car cela peut me donner de la confiance''
Lyon striker Tino Kadewere was present at a press conference on Wednesday on the eve of the match against Brøndby in the Europa League. The entire conference can be found on OLPLAY.

On getting back to the pitch

“I’m very happy to be here today. These have been difficult weeks for me. I'm with the squad, I'm very happy. I've worked hard, and I need to help the team. Physically, I feel very good. I've had a hard time. I needed to work with the team, I did not go on international duty; I feel very good."


The match against Brondby

“Every match is important. I will give everything in this match because it can give me confidence. It's a very important match for me."


Being sent off against Nice

“It was a tough moment but this happens in football. I have good teammates. The coach is always with me, he talks to me, he gives me confidence. He's behind me. The most important thing is the match ahead. Everyone at the club trusts me, I'm happy. "


Danish football

“I played Brondby in a friendly before when I was in the Swedish league. I know Nordic football. I played three seasons in Sweden. I think it’s not much different. I had played 15 minutes in the reverse fixture and felt great."


The squad's mood after the match against OM

“We're not dwelling on it mentally. There is a match coming up tomorrow so we are remaining focused. It’s unfortunate what happened on Sunday. The club must not pay for the actions of the fool who did this. We are forgetting in and we are staying focused."

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