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Olympique Lyonnais firmly condemns the incident in OL/OM

Published on 22 November 2021 at 12:22 PM
L’Olympique Lyonnais condamne fermement l’incident lors d’OL / OM
Olympique Lyonnais and its president Jean-Michel Aulas strongly condemn all forms of violence inside stadiums. As such, they condemn the incident in the fourth minute of the OL/OM match, where an isolated individual threw a bottle at Olympique de Marseille player Dimitri Payet. The club would like to apologize and wish for a full recovery for the captain of Marseille.

In addition, Olympique Lyonnais and its president regret the length of the decision-making process due to the various hesitations over whether or not to resume the match, which lasted nearly two hours. Contrary to what has been reported, it was the referee who made the decision, as specified in the rules, (even if a preliminary crisis meeting had resulted in a first decision to resume the match). Ruddy Buquet had summoned the two coaches and captains to his locker room, who will be able to confirm this, to inform them of the resumption of the match and the timing of their return to the pitch.

At that moment, the observer of the delegates of the LFP officially took to the floor coming out of the referee's locker room to notify the match organizer of the decision taken by Mr. Buquet, according to these words: "resumption of warm-ups in three minutes, then a resumption of the match seven minutes later.” This is the only reason that led the Groupama Stadium announcer to announce the resumption of the match and the further importance of not seeing any new incidents that would bring the match to a definitive end.

In accordance with the instructions given, the Olympique Lyonnais players returned to the pitch to warm up. On their part, the coach and two players from Olympique de Marseille burst into the corridors near the delegate's office. They reacted violently to the announcement, generating a reconsideration on the part of the refereeing body. Mr. Buquet then asked to review the decision with the two presidents, as well as the authorities, the prefect, the DDSP and the deputy prosecutor. To everyone's surprise, the referee then informed them that the match had been called off.

Olympique Lyonnais, and its president Jean-Michel Aulas, once again condemn this incident. The individual, the perpetrator, was immediately identified thanks to the numerous cameras at Groupama Stadium. He was removed by stewards, handed over to law enforcement and taken into police custody. It turned out that the man was not a member of a supporter group and was not a season ticket holder.

Olympique Lyonnais, whose reaction was immediate, and its president want the criminal and administrative sanctions to be as stringent as possible. The club intends to be able to ban this individual for life if the League and the courts give clubs the means to do so. Olympique Lyonnais and its president will participate in all of the analysis, work and planning meetings so that this type of aggression never happens again and allows our football to take place in optimal security conditions. As of now, Olympique Lyonnais, which has already lodged a complaint against the individual, has becomed a civil party for the rest of the proceedings.

Olympique Lyonnais and its president also apologize to all the spectators at Groupama Stadium for what was supposed to be a celebration, spoiled by one individual.

The club is now awaiting the results of the procedures to determine the course of the match and will keep its spectators informed of the arrangements put into place depending on the decisions taken.