OL Night System: The best of Hugo Guillemet

Published on 14 September 2021 at 4:30 PM
OL Night System : Les meilleurs moments de Hugo Guillemet
The journalist Hugo Guillemet was Barth's guest on Tuesday on OL Night System. Watch the entire show on OLPlay.


"It's hard to get information but that's true at all clubs, the reverse would be strange. I would like to salute the press office of OL, the team are professionals who make our work a lot easier, something that is lost at other big clubs. It is a pleasure to follow OL, a club which has a real press culture, they understand what's necessary. I am not at all close to President Jean-Michel Aulas, but he's someone I respect. We've bickered a bit on Twitter but he's someone with whom I remain on professional terms. I understood less Rudi Garcia's attacks at a press conference last season, he was annoyed by an article we had written at the start of the season saying that he would not be kept at the end of the season, but for me, five minutes after this, everything was forgotten on my side."



"For me he offers a chance of revolution on several levels. Not only in his philosophy of play, but we also can see that he is very focused on the players' happiness and their emotions. I especially noticed this most in what he brought to the transfer window, a boost to the attractiveness of OL. It has always been an attractive club, but we can see that he is playing a leading role in the transfer window. Shaqiri and Boateng, those are huge signings. He's an excellent choice for OL."



"It's normal to say as Juninho did during the draw, that OL are aiming for first place in the group; that is what OL must aim for. OL are intending to play in the Europa League with an eye to winning it as befits a Champions League club. With the last three moves that they made during the transfer window, OL have a quality squad and have the means to win the Europa League."