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Wendie Renard on OLPlay: "It's wonderful to have worn the OL jersey 400 times"

Published on 13 September 2021 at 12:00 PM
Wendie Renard sur OLPLAY : « C’est beau de porter 400 fois le maillot de l’OL »
OL's iconic captain Wendie Renard spoke with OLTV about playing here 400th game for Lyon after the team's win against Dijon. The entirety of this wonderful interview can be watched on OLPLAY.

Wendie, what does reaching 400 matches mean to you?

During the interview, I admit that I said to myself "wow, 400 is a lot". There are lots of memories; of highlights, of teammates that have passed through my head. It's nice to still be wearing the OL jersey after 400 matches, along the way winning many titles with coaches, staff and players. My personal story continues.


Your very first match dates back to 2006, 15 years ago ...

Yes, it all seems very, very far away to me. When I think back on my teammates at the start, they're either moms now or they're not playing anymore. That’s when I told myself would happen when I’m old. These are good memories. It makes me happy to think about this journey again. I was listening, I was learning a lot."