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Start of the Olympic Games for our girls

Published on 21 July 2021 at 8:00 AM
Début des Jeux Olympiques pour nos Lyonnaises
A few days before the official start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, several Olympique Lyonnais players will make their debut in the competition, starting today.

After several of our players were called up for Euro 2020 and the Copa America during the beginning of the summer, Olympique Lyonnais will also be widely represented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Among the women, Christiane Endler (Chile), Catarina Macario (United States), Kadeisha Buchanan (Canada), Danielle Van de Donk (Netherlands) and Ellie Carpenter (Australia) have been called up by their national teams.


All OL players could make their debut with their Olympic teams on July 21. Christiane Endler's Chile team will start their Olympics against Great Britain, at 9:30 a.m., in the first match of the competition.



The complete programme of OL players in the women's Olympic football tournament:





9.30am: Great Britain v Chile (Christiane Endler)

10.30am: Sweden v USA (Catarina Macario)

12.30pm: Japan v Canada (Kadeisha Buchanan)

1pm: Zambia v Netherlands (Danielle van de Donk)

1.30pm: Australia (Ellie Carpenter) v New Zealand




9.30am: Chile (Christiane Endler) v Canada (Kadeisha Buchanan)

10.30am : Sweden v Australia (Ellie Carpenter)

1pm: Netherlands (Danielle van de Donk) v Brazil

1.30pm: New Zealand v USA (Catarina Macario)




10am: USA (Catarina Macario) v Australia (Ellie Carpenter)

1pm: Canada (Kadeisha Buchanan) v Great Britain

1pm: Chile (Christiane Endler) v Japan

1.30pm: Netherlands (Danielle van de Donk) v China


(All times CEST)