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Peter Bosz: "I am very happy to join a great club"

Published on 30 May 2021 at 11:24 AM
Peter Bosz : « Je suis très heureux de rejoindre un grand club »
Peter Bosz, the new coach of Olympique Lyonnais was presented to the press this Sunday morning, in the presence of President Jean-Michel Aulas, sporting director Juninho and general director of football Vincent Ponsot. Here's a look back at the important moments of this press conference.

An important moment for Olympique Lyonnais

Jean-Michel Aulas: “This is an important moment for OL. With Vincent and Juni, we've worked well together and we are very happy to have been able to come up with this solution that seems to us the most effective, to allow OL to reach the next leve. The first was when Juni arrived two years ago; we had some experimentation in the meantime.

This coach has the profile most suited to our needs, he is a coach with a good profile, who has the ability to help young players develop, the ability to play an attacking style and he can be a benchmark for the media and supporters . When we identified this type of profile, there weren't many applicants, but Peter fit this description perfectly."

Juninho: “We are happy to be able to sign Peter after what was a challenging end to the season in some aspects, even though there were some positives with qualifying for Europe. I hope that in a year we can take stock and be happier than we are now at the end of next season."

Peter Bosz: “I’m very happy to be here at a big club. I have played against OL several times as a player but also as a coach. I saw that it was a big club with passionate supporters. It's a really great club, I hope to be very successful here."


 Peter Bosz's style of play

“I have an offensive, attractive way of playing. We play for the supporters and not for ourselves. Much will depend on the players, I can't talk about a system right now, I have to get to know the players well first. I like attacking football, smart players with good technical abillity.

I have the experience of working with young players, not only with Ajax but also at Leverkusen. It's a question of quality, if young people have the necessary qualities, I'm not afraid to let them play. The academy is important, there are a lot of good young players in Lyon. I'm very curious to see how things are going at the academy, but there are already some very good young players in the squad.

It’s possible to play offensively, attractively and win titles. For that, we need good organization on the pitch. The most important thing is defending of course, you have to set up a very efficient and organized team. If you concede a foul when everyone is in front of the ball, it's dangerous.

We have to train, and take the time to work together, but it is possible. If you are successful, it is a great thing to win by playing attacking football."


His enthusiasm for Olympique Lyonnais

"I've seen OL play but I've only been talking with Lyon for a few days. I was on vacation, as soon as they called me I dropped all my stuff and watched a few games.

My enthusiasm i high for  French football. Around the world, we see French players everywhere. French football is at a very, very high level.

When I look at history, there are always good players here and also good young players. Even after only being here three to four days, it's nice to think about the players who are here, about their quality.

I haven't started yet but I look forward to working soon with all of the French players who are here, with the young players, it will be nice. I can't go into details because it's early but it's a nice feelling."


What Peter Bosz can bring to the club

Juninho: “He likes an offensive style system but he also asks a lot of the players, for them to be very reactive when the ball is lost. You have to find a balance between defense and offense, creativity and strength. To hear that he will play the youngsters if they deserve it, that makes me happy to hear."

Vincent Ponsot: “He spoke about the academy, and hid playing philosophy which corresponds to that of Juni. The understanding between the coach and the sporting director is an important factor. Peter, he talks a lot about the idea of the collective and that's a very important thing as well. Peter ticks all the boxes and we've been following him for a long time."