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Houssem Aouar before OL - Nice: "Nothing to be ashamed of"

Published on 21 May 2021 at 8:30 PM
H. Aouar avant OL - Nice : "Ne rien avoir à se reprocher"
Our midfielder Houssem Aouar spoke at a pre-match press conference this Friday, two days before a visit from OGC Nice at Groupama Stadium for the 38th and final day of Ligue 1 Uber Eats. The full press conference can be found on OLPlay.

A crucial final match

“For sure in a match like this there is pressure. But we are used to it. It is not all up to us. But if we win this game, we won't have anything to be ashamed of. We are approaching this match with a lot of motivation and focus. We will be on the pitch to win. We must not rush, or panic. We are very calm. We owe it to ourselves to win. For this one should not look too much at what your opponent will do. What is important is to focus on ourselves. We go there with a lot of motivation to win this match."


Competing with Monaco from a distance

“We're not necessarily going to look at the result of Monaco in Lens during the match. We'll see at the end. We will focus on our match and winning it and we will see about the result for the Monegasques. You shouldn't distract yourself like that before this kind of match."


A season of contrasts

“I haven't played as much as I wanted. I missed quite a bit of time. At first, with COVID-19, I had a hard time coming back. It’s difficult at the top level. There were also some injuries. It's been a pretty mixed season. I learned a lot about dealing with physical issues. I learned about my body. Statistically, I find myself to have done very well. With the few games I did play, I am satisfied with my level. I feel at 100% for this match against Nice."


His relationship with Memphis

“Memphis is a friend. He brings out something in me. We've spent a lot of time together here. He has brought a lot to the club and to me. That's his wish so I'll be happy when he leaves if he is going where he wants to be. He's a great person. I think, speaking of public opinion, that people have to know him better. He brought a lot to the group, in terms of confidence. He helped me, talked to me a lot about it. He scored quite a few goals from my passes so that was good for me."


Support from the fans

“We tend to see the last game of the season like a party at Groupama Stadium, so it’s a bit sad. We thank the fans for the support they have given us throughout the season. They have always been there. We will do everything to give them that back on Sunday."


A fierce fight at the top of the table

“Statistically, we've picked up a lot of points. If we finish fourth with 79 points, though, we will not be able to be satisfied with that. We want to finish on the podium. It reflects the good level of the league,, seeing the top four like this. Ligue 1 Uber Eats has been thrilling for plenty of people this season."


Giving his all

“The most important thing is that I am at 100%. No matter where I play on the pitch, the main thing is to be comfortable, and feel good physically. I have to be having fun on the pitch. When one plays at a diminished level, it is not good for the individual or the collective. I try to be as focused as possible because this is a big match. We don't know what tomorrow brings."


Being called up for Les Espoirs for the Euros

"I still have fixtures to play after this match. We have a quality squad with Les Espoirs. There is a chance to go and win something. We will have to rest after the end of the league season to be at 100% for the U-21 Euros."

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