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Rudi Garcia before Monaco - OL: "Be more consistent throughout the match"

Published on 30 April 2021 at 2:11 PM
Rudi Garcia avant Monaco - OL : « Etre plus constant sur l'ensemble du match »
Coach Rudi Garcia spoke with journalists during the pre-match press conference this Friday, before the trip to Monaco on Sunday. The press conference can be found in full on OLPlay.

Medical update

"We won't have Melvin Bard, we had to remove him from the squad this week for medical reasons. We aren't expecting the returns of Islam or Jason Denayer. We will have a return for Sinaly who served his ban against Lille. I think that's all."


The week's training

“We had a great week like I had asked of the boys. Maximum concentration, maximum involvement, we had a very good week of training. I hope it brings us a great match on Sunday as we have to win at all costs. I think we have picked up some fatigue this season, it's been more than 10 months that we have been playing and the players need more mental freshness. Even more so the internationals who have never had three days off since the start of the season. We have to stay the course and win in Monaco, everything is still possible but we have to win on Sunday. We had to show the players that anything is still possible. If we do well Sunday and come back to within a point, there are still three matches left after that. Everything will be possible. The margin for error has been reduced; we are in fourth and we can't finish worse. We must not spend time making calculations, though. We have to have the same qualities as in the match against Monaco last week and the first half against Lille."


The match against Monaco ten days ago

“We were frustrated ten days ago against Monaco because what decided the match were the facts of the game. We were reduced to ten men and went behind 1-0 on a penalty so it became challenging to qualify. Even playing with ten men, though, we had chances and we weren't clinical enough. We were especially unlucky as we hit the woodwork three times in the first half. We must succeed in finishing all of our chances so as to obtain a positive result on Sunday."



“Each match has its own character. What is certain is that my team is able to play in several systems, with 3 or 4 defenders and different animations in the midfield. It is not excluded that we go back to 4 since we need to win. Like I said, we've been working with this group for ten months so there is no need for a tactical re-education. No specific reminder was given on finishing It's more about luck. We will make our luck in the balls that hit the woodwork last week finishing in the goal. We didn’t score enough, although we scored two goals in the league’s best defense. Against Monaco we had our chances, we should have sealed the result ahead of the break. Again, when you get chances, it's a good sign. It's a team effort. When you concede too many goals it's not just the defense and the goalie and when you don't score it's not just the midfielders and the attack. It’s really a team story and not an individual story."


The mood around the squad

"I have no doubts about the team's spirit. We have to do everything possible, that's why as soon as training resumed, I wanted to show them that if we won this match on Sunday against Monaco, anything would still be possible. Now we don't have to talk about it anymore, we have to do it. "


The players' physical condition

"I have to remind you that we played a whole half with ten men against Monaco, I don't think it is a physical problem even if some players are lacking match sharpness. The head guides the legs for me, and we are mainly trying to keep the players mentally fresh. Today, was very light training, as a part of this search for mental freshness. We are also trying to do a lot of ball work so that the physical work is being done without them realizing it. We have to be convinced that by winning on Sunday we can come back and finish on the podium. Everything happens first mentally. When you score two goals against the best defense in Ligue 1 and lead at the break, you have quality, but you just need to be more consistent throughout the match. Against Monaco, Volland should have been sent off in the 30th second so we cannot blame the players, however we must not hang on to that afterwards; we must know how to put our frustrations aside."


Lucas Paqueta

“Paqueta has recovered well after his disappointing play against Lille. There is no reason to expect anything else; we win together, we lose together. There was also an accumulation of injuries between Wednesday and the Lille game... The free kick changed the mood of the players at the break even if it ought not to have unsettled us. After all, Lucas is the player who plays the most forward balls in the team so it can happen that one makes mistakes. It's not a problem at all, he's going to help bring us the win on Sunday."



“There have been games where we had a good first half and were more slack in the second, and sometimes it was the other way around. We have to be more constant, more regular and I find that this is often psychological. The game plan does not change during halftime but we change our game ... Everyone has to improve on this in the search for the right answers. We'll know on Sunday if we've found them or if it's something that will continue to trouble us. No team is consistent all season long in all of their matches. We had plenty of examples yesterday in the Europa League and the day before yesterday in the Champions League. The important thing is to be consistent."


Maxence Caqueret

“Maxence, made his debut with me in November 2019 in Strasbourg. He started off very poorly but ultimately helped the team win. He is a valuable player because he thinks of the team, and he works for the team. He has good one-touch play, a good vision of the game. He has mostly changed physically since he arrived into the first team, he is working on this. He is like Jean Tigana in his game intelligence, his ability to accelerate, to take the ball forward. Maxence has improved a lot, if there's someone who believes in him internally, it's me. It makes sense in the progression of a player that there are ups and downs. He works after training on his ability to be attack-minded and more decisive. He has the qualities to have a very, very great career. He should not lose these qualities, such as being able to take the ball off an opponent's feet. He is a real asset for Olympique Lyonnais."


A potential return for fans

“For the last round, to have the fans present would be great. If they can come back, we have a potentially decisive match against Nice on the final day of the season."

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