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Anthony Lopes: "Nothing is over"

Published on 30 April 2021 at 1:36 PM
Anthony Lopes : « Rien n'est terminé »
Our goalkeeper Anthony Lopes spoke at a press conference this Friday to answer journalists' questions before the team's trip to Monaco on Sunday evening. The entire press conference can be found on OLPlay.

The mood around the team

“The most important thing is to avoid speaking in absolutes. No, we are not far from the podium. We are four points off, and we are playing the third-placed team Sunday and if we win we come back to within a point and there are three games left beyond that. We will have to give everything to win on Sunday. The squad knows we are capable of doing extraordinary things. Now we have to show it on the pitch and for 95 minutes even if we are going to play against a good team like Monaco. We will not be looking for revenge but at ourselves first of all. Of course there are things that have been said that were done last week against Monaco, I do not want to enter into this debate there but that will help us to be focused on the match. We're only going to think about a victory on Sunday. We're going to have to show some character, it will be a challenging match, and it's above all a decisive match. We will look within to win Sunday's match and the other games, but we are also now dependent on others and the results of our competitors."


The week's training

“It's been a tough week. We were eliminated from the Coupe de France and we lost against Lille on Sunday. We have to put our heads in the right place, and to have a conquering state of mind in order to get back to winning ways on Sunday and play the next three matches in a positive fashion."


Juninho and the president having visited training

“It shows that this is a season-defining week for us. Nothing is over; we still have hope of qualifying for the Champions League. Moreover, we have three matches left after this; everything remains in play. The 11 players and those who will come off the bench; we need warriors, real men. There is still hope, we know as much but this match on Sunday will be decisive."


Playing with five at the back

"It's a system that suits us. We work all week on tactics in training, whether it's with a four or five man defence. We used it in the Final 8 as well, so we'll see on Sunday what tactics we will use -- whether it's  four or five in defence, the important thing is to win."


The team's inconsistency

"We can see it too... We are not blind. We hope to find the answer as soon as possible because it's been a while. With the Lille match, we were playing well up until the 45th minute but there was still the second half to play. It's up to us to find the necessary resources, that's when you will see the players' character. We'll have to show a warrior's mindset to finish on the podium."


The prospect of another season without the Champions League

"It would be a total failure, whether for us, for the club, for the supporters who despite everything we are going through are still here -- we saw that again on Sunday. I think we can do it for them because they are there behind us. A second year without the Champions League would be a huge failure. Right now it's not in my mind; I'm focused on Sunday."


Maxence Caqueret

“I am not a coach. Maxence is an extraordinary player, he is a kid who works very hard. That’s what one wants from a professional and you can see that in him today in becoming an indisputable starter. He had a slightly more challenging start to the season after COVID-19, but it shows the spirit he has. He is an important player in our squad."


His role in the locker room as a Lyon native

"Yes, I have an important role to play because I am from Lyon -- things affect me more than for some others. After all, though, I'm not the only one, though -- there are players who have more responsibilities than me today who will also put themselves forward in leading the team."


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