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Sonia Bompastor: "Rediscover OL's DNA on the pitch"

Published on 28 April 2021 at 7:04 PM
Sonia Bompastor : « Retrouver l’ADN OL dans le jeu »
Accompanied by the president, Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Ponsot, who also spoke, the new coach of the women's team, Sonia Bompastor spoke with journalists following the announcement of her appointment.

Sonia Bompastor

“OL are my favorite club. I had the opportunity and the chance to play for and win many titles with OL. I had found a very ambitious club. When you're lucky enough to have such a president ... you can't do better in the world. I am also very ambitious as well -- the marriage is perfect. I am excited to start this new challenge. I am entering my eighth year at the helm of the Women's Academy. I met with Vincent Ponsot to tell him that I felt like I had been around long enough and that I was ready for new challenges. The position of technical director was the first suggestion, but this coaching position also is something that suits me well. The club gave me the opportunity to develop myself as an educator, and now I have reached my maturity. There was no hesitation; I am a competitor, and I like challenges. We have everything we need to win the title and rediscover the OL DNA on the pitch. I’m going to put that into place… We had a good session this morning. There have been some very good things. I am satisfied... We have put into place a methodology of training at OL and we apply it consistently, from school-age to first team training. We've studied the history of Lyon and OL, the expectations of the supporters and we know OL have to win with style. There has to be a desire for conquest for the club and a love of the jersey ... I'm not terribly feminist, I don't dwell on that. I prefer to focus on competence, regardless of gender."




Jean-Michel Aulas

“We made the decision together with Vincent Ponsot. We were very aware of the elimination in the Champions League quarterfinals. It hurt us doubly because it has bee taken up as the result of a long process of  the team having weakened, akin to the end of our reign. It was also a result that came under very special circumstances in that cases of COVID-19 had weakened us. We had managed for a little over a year to maintain our standing despite our injuries. Our level has dropped over a number of seasons. We wanted to add to what we could do, maybe an extra element of soul. Above all, we wanted to harmonize this appointment with a plan that we've worked on with Vincent, which is to structure ourselves so as to highlight OL's intrinsic qualities, notably our very strong Academy. We wanted to get back to this OL DNA, with one of our most prestigious players, Sonia. The most important functions should be held by women. We seized the opportunity now, and not at the end of the season as there are still  things to play for at present. We waited for the win against Guingamp, for everything to go well ... Vincent Ponsot is in charge of OL and OL Reign. You will be surprised by the transfers. There are a number of our young players who are going to go to Seattle. It’s a matter of giving them perspective, to have a multivalent experience. The American experience will bring a lot to the careers of these players. There are domestic and international ambitions for the future ... I intend to ensure that we are not overtaken by foreign clubs. It has to be the elite who control women's football. I want to propose a very ambitious project in this direction. Everything that has been done correctly at OL and the club must serve as a model for all of women's football. There are economic opportunities that are being created in other countries and a desire to prioritize women's football through mechanisms like TV rights. We must not miss the train in this regard."


bompastor aulas ponsot


Vincent Ponsot

“It’s a global project. You know how important women's football is at OL. I am very happy with the appointment of Sonia. The purpose of the project is to develop women's football through OL and working with our former players. Sonia meets all the criteria. It was normal for her to take over, and it’s a point of great satisfaction. We will continue to build the OL project within this framework. We have players who have come through the academy and who complement our ambitious recruitment. The difficulty is to combine youth and a search for titles. This is our goal. We want to win a 15th league title. I thank Jean-Luc because these are never easy times for the coach and the staff. He was not laid off, we reached this solution through mutual agreement. He won titles for us… We have a young generation coming up. We have to bring these players up to the right level. There will be no changes to the staff. There will be a promotion for Camille Abily to lead assistant. We will make a decision at the end of the season as to the rest of the staff, but our ambitions are intact."


ponsot conf