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Rudi Garcia: "A fighting spirit"

Published on 23 April 2021 at 5:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Un esprit commando »
48 hours ahead of a big match against Lille in Ligue 1 Uber Eats, coach Rudi Garcia spoke to the press. The conference can be found in full on OLPlay.

Medical update

“Diomande is absent. We could have Tino Kadewere and Djamel Benlamri back. Florent Da Silva is not available. We should also get Jason Denayer back. I will be in the stands. Memphis will be suspended against Lorient."


The match against Lille

“It's five finals. It will take a fighting spirit. We would have liked to have two more matches but we will not have them. We are going to put everything towards achieving this objective. We are fourth, and we must do better. We have to get stuck in with what will be a wild end to the season. We will do everything to take advantage of this visit from Lille to move up a place in the table. It's added motivation, especially since we are frustrated with Wednesday's match. This will be the best way to answer that -- Lille are in first. They are having an extraordinary season. We have the possibility of moving ahead of them. It won't be easy, but we want to do it anyway."


The ingredients necessary for success

“It was a matter of centimeters on our side, like hitting the woodwork on Wednesday. If we can have a bit of success in terms of our finishing, we will have more chances to win. But we have to keep this state of mind. There was no nervousness against Lille, but there were some tough situations. The character of the sanctions led to our frustration. Being motivated must not make us lose our clarity of mind. We must not rush things. We will have the time to win this match. There is no perfect minute in which to score the winning goal."


The team's preparations since Wednesday night

“We've forgotten about this elimination. We have to be focused on Lille. It is no use talking about the Monaco match again -- it's done. We are not be able to change anything. We have already been penalized enough. It’s only the Lille match that counts now -- we've talked about the opponent and we've also worked on our recovery because we  used energy. We are working very carefully not to have anyone injured, and our preparation continues apace."


The tactical system

“We were very good against Monaco with three at the back. We can keep playing with this system. In Lille, we played with ten. We had a very good first half, and we will take inspiration from it. Lille have strengths on the counter with powerful, fast players. We must ensure that their side is under pressure, so as to get forward ourselves. They are a team that defends very well, that likes to wait play with a low block. Mike Maignan is not in the France team for nothing."


Christophe Galtier

“We played together at Lille. It was a club in great difficulty when he arrived as a coach. He saved them from relegation first and then brought them to the Champions League. He is a quality coach, he has done an amazing job."


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