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Rudi Garcia: "We fear no one"

Published on 20 April 2021 at 4:55 PM
Rudi Garcia : « On a peur de personne »
The coach Rudi Garcia gave a pre-match press conference before the match against Monaco in the Coupe de France.

Medical update

“Tino Kadewere and Djamel Benlamri are injured. I hope their return will come soon. 90 minutes seems like a lot for Aouar. But his substitute appearance in Nantes got him back on track. Julian Pollersbeck will play in goal tomorrow."


Ten crucial days

“It's a crucial next game. The ones to come, I'm not thinking about them yet. The Cup is important, there is a trophy at the end. We are playing a big team. There will be no math to do. We only ask to give our all until the end. I want to play every three days until the end of the season. There is no reason why the players should not be motivated. I need my whole squad to stay focused and motivated so that everyone can make a difference."


The Coupe de France

“I’ve won it before and it’s something quite unique. It is a competition open to all clubs, and has provided many beautiful emotions."


AS Monaco's current form

“Monaco are on a good run of form. We respect everyone but we are afraid of no one. We can beat everyone. The Cup is a different competition. I don’t know if they’ll rotate their side. The goal is to qualify no matter what."


Displaying consistency over the course of a match

"We saw against Angers that we were able to play a complete game, to make the game easy. We have to build on that. We have to be able to do it all the time."


Playing in a 4-2-3-1

“It's important for players to show that they are able to play in multiple systems. You have to try to put the best players in the best positions so as to have the best possible performance. It is a real added advantage to be able to use several systems... Aouar can play in several positions. He can do well on the left too."


Maxence Caqueret

“His one-touch play is important. He's already playing very much for the collective, and that's good. It rubs off on others and shows them what to do. He sacrifices himself naturally to balance the team. He's always pressing, winning balls and making the right pass forward. It's good that he is focusing on his defensive tasks and on giving the team balance."


The position of left back

“I don't think Maxwel Cornet has had trouble defensively. He must find a better technical relationship with the others. He understands this --  recovering the ball is important. He has the quality for it."

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