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Léo Dubois: "Battle the pressure together"

Published on 16 April 2021 at 1:00 PM
Léo Dubois : « Supporter la pression ensemble  »
Two days before the match at the Beaujoire against FC Nantes, the Lyon fullback Léo Dubois spoke at a press conference. The entire conference can be replayed on OLPLay.

The match against Angers

"We had a good match, and we also know that not conceding helped us to win -- we focused on the defensive side of thing, in addition to creating a lot of chances, and we managed to win. It can be a springboard for the end of the season. In the matches before we lacked defensive rigor and efficiency in both penalty boxes, but against Angers we managed to find that and I hope we will do the same on Sunday."


A change in system

"It's important to change things up sometimes, teams have to know how to adapt, and bringing in something new is always good. There are six matches left and everything to play for, it's up to us to adapt, we know we have to win and pick up as many points as possible. Playing differently leads to uncertainty for opposing teams, and we have to be focused and convinced of our quality and our goals and look at being able to achieve them."


FC Nantes

"This is a team that is a part of me, I know the passion of the supporters, and their current situation bothers me. But we absolutely have to take the points, it's going to be a big battle, and when the match is over, my attachment to this club will return. Today I play for Lyon and the goal is to take the three points. This is a club with a history, and I know their players will fight to the end."


Islam Slimani

"Islam is a benchmark type of player, and he had lacked opportunities -- this is the kind of profile that makes us feel good, and he is also a player who works a lot on the defensive side of the ball. Having a presence like him in the box is always interesting in terms of crossing the ball. We have to use his qualities."


Feeling a sense of pressure

"We are at a club where we are under pressure on a daily basis, but we are playing here to experience that, and you have to take it as a positive, you have to battle the pressure together and I trust in everyone to meet these goals."


A challenging end to the season

"When you win it's always easier to recharge the batteries, but we started the season very early and maybe today we have a little fatigue but there are only six matches left so we can't hide behind that."


Playing for France

"I hope that I can participate in the next round of matches, but today I am only thinking about the situation at my club, and I think that it will be necessary to finish the season well and to then focus myself on the Euros. If am called up on to participate, I will be happy, but today is not the time to think about this."













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