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Julian Pollersbeck: "A match completely different from the league"

Published on 07 April 2021 at 5:00 PM
Julian Pollersbeck : « Un match complètement différent du championnat »
Julian Pollersbeck gave a press conference on the eve of the Round of 16 match in the Coupe de France against Red Star. Find the entire press conference on replay on OLPlay.

His position at the club

“I feel good here, when I arrived I knew I would be the second-choice goalkeeper. For the moment I am doing well and am grateful to be able to play in the Coupe de France. And I hope we get to the final so I can play as much as possible."


Learning about French football

“I knew a little bit, I didn't watch it often. But I see some differences with Germany. The level is more less the same as there. I love football here, it's a different mentality. I've had a lot of opportunities to watch from the bench."


A lack of playing time

“It's a little difficult, but I've become used to it. In my former club, the same situation happened to me and in the end I played a lot of important matches at the end of the season. For me it's not that important, I've had matches with the National 2 side, we are training well. I know I will be well-prepared."


His working relationship with Lopes

" We get along very well. I really like working with him, we don't speak the same language but we can communicate in French or in English. I take French lessons every week. He's a different kind of goaltender from me, but I'm learning a lot from him. He's a very good goalkeeper, he's more experienced. I hope he can learn from me too!"


Approaching the match against Red Star

“It’s a match completely different from the league, as it’s all about one game. We are focused on the Coupe de France, we want to win it. It's still the shortest way to a trophy. These opponents who come from the lower divisions are always difficult because it is the game of the year for them. We will have to be at 100%, we have eebn preparing well, we have trained on a synthetic pitch to mimic the conditions of the match."










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