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After Lens–OL: 3 questions with Jason Denayer

Published on 04 April 2021 at 2:31 PM
Après Lens – OL : 3 questions à Jason Denayer
Seconds after the final whistle that confirmed OL's draw in Lens, Jason Denayer spoke about his team's poor run of form.

Jason, what's the predominant feeling after this draw in Lens?

This was a poor performance. We didn’t play the game the way we had wanted to. We are missing what we had at the start of the season, which is our collective strength, whether in attack or defense. Today was further proof that without it we cannot play our best game.


How can you explain it?

It's hard to say what the reasons are otherwise they would have already been rectified. It's up to us to talk to each other, to do what is necessary to find a way to change things as quickly as possible.


Is this draw a turning point in terms of the end of the season?

I wouldn't say that. I think everything is still possible, whether it's the podium or something else. We must continue to believe. It is up to us to put everything in place to return to our level and regain a level of performance that allows us put together a winning run. Even if we have fallen down the table, that does not prevent us from coming back, or from winning as many matches as possible.


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