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Marcelo: "Give 100% for OL"

Published on 30 March 2021 at 3:35 PM
Marcelo : « Me donner à 100% pour l'OL »
Following Marcelo's extension through 2023, sporting director Juninho, as well as president Jean-Michel Aulas spoke at a press conference alongside the player. The entire conference can be found on OLPlay.


“I want to thank God, the president, Juninho, Rudi Garcia and also all of those who work at the club. We don't do anything on our own, if I signed this extension it was because everyone has been helping me. I hope I will continue to work hard to give 100% for OL and I am sure that we will soon reach a very good level. My first year was very good, but this year I have been working with a peace of mind so I have performed better. I hope to continue like this, because the job is not finished yet. OL is a club that gives you the opportunity to improve on the pitch and away from it, I don't see a reason to change. I am here to play but also to help the club prepare for the future, I have played more than 500 matches in my career, I have lots of experience, I can give advice. I was already doing it, I have a good relationship with all the young players and I think that's positive for the club. We're together every day, so we speak a lot, and even at 33 one can still learn."





"Marcelo is a player who works a lot, he is one of the leaders of the squad. I congratulate him because he managed to deal with the problem with the fans last season. He was an example, when he managed to sort it out, the team played better and today we have a better relationship with our supporters. It's important that he can help us, especially because we have young players. He shows the results of working every day to one's maximum, he is an example. He always wants to do better. He gets along very well with Jason, Sinaly and Djamel too. If we let Marcelo go, it would be difficult to find a defender of his level. His attitude has meant a lot. He took on a leadership role, even as this situation with the supporters was a huge challenge for him."




Jean-Michel Aulas

"It is a great pleasure to be able to confirm an extension for Marcelo for a further two years, which gives a certain sense of reward to the team, ensuring that a player who has done well in terms of footballing and other responsibilities can continue to help us in terms of our sporting results -- it is also a good look for the future. Rudi Garcia was a strong supporter of Marcelo's extension. He has a good sense of culture, he speaks many languages, he is a player with values and that is why we were able to come to an agreement quite quickly. Much of the recovery of OL in terms of its image and the culture with which we must approach the future has been undertaken with Juni and I am very happy to face the run-in in this state of mind that shows that there has been change at all levels and I wanted to thank Juninho for this first successful season."