OLTV: The best of Ludovic Giuly on OLNS

Published on 19 March 2021 at 9:41 AM
OLTV : les meilleurs moments de Ludovic Giuly dans OLNS
A former OL player and trained at the club, Ludovic Giuly was Barth Ruzza's guest this Thursday on OL Night System. Watch the entire show on OLPlay.

His ambitions to be a manager

The only problem today is the situation with COVID-19, it is very complicated for pro football and amateur football. I have a few contacts but nothing is happening at the moment. I am trying to find the right project, people who trust me and who have a long-term vision. I don't want to do a one-off. I am taking the time to analyze, I also have offers for TV and radio. I am thinking very slowly. I had a great time with Monaco, so I said I would like to train there. Afterwards with the directors, I did not necessarily find things to my liking there. It's the case with very few clubs elsewhere; I am looking for a familial relationship. New owners often arrive and quickly forget what has come before them.


The importance of the match against PSG for the title

The match is going to be important, but of OL lose that does not mean that it will be the end of the season. The results have been a little skewed with COVID-19, but nothing is decided. We saw Nantes pull off a real feat by beating PSG. You have to take all that into account, mentally you have to be strong. We must remain attentive. These are two teams that have to show that they are at the top. I no longer see this as a draw, or even a surprise victory for Lyon. We have seen that Paris, in the big matches in the league, can be got at.


Ali Bouafia's jersey and his connection with the supporters

The first jersey I received from a professional footballer was Ali Bouafia's. I was at the racetrack with my dad who knows the players and he's starting to chat with them. I was shy so I stay to the side. Ali asks me if I wanted to have his jersey, he suggests that I come to the Gerland on Wednesday to pick up his jersey. With my dad we go the next week, it was raining, and I arrived without an umbrella, I'm soaked. I ask a steward to see Ali, he arrives and gives me his red RTL jersey. I will remember it for all of my life, I was delighted, I slept with it on. When you're doing a job where people bleed to buy a jersey or put their whole life into a club, you have to give them the maximum amount of effort. We have to give back what they give us. We will be indebted for life to these people.


The evolution of football as a business

What I regret losing is a love for the jersey. Young players are bought for several million, play 2-3 matches and then they don't play any more and they want to leave. Before you were trained with a club, and you fought for your shirt. In our time, it took at least 10 matches in Ligue 1 before turning pro. Whereas now at 15, they have already signed a pro contract so we have no idea of the level of the player. We want to reassure ourselves and protect our players, but where is the respect? Where are the values? It has become too much of a business, football, when you spend 100 million on Ronaldo or Messi ok. When we spend 50 or 60 million for guys who have played for a year, where does it make sense? It's business, everyone signs their contract, everyone takes their cut. The  system must be stopped. Let's refocus our efforts on training; we are the best country in terms of training.