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Rayan Cherki: "Win a title for the club of my heart"

Published on 18 March 2021 at 9:00 AM
Rayan Cherki : « Gagner un titre avec mon club de cœur »
At only 17 years old, Rayan Cherki is already fully integrated into OL's first team and has claimed a real role towards the end of the season. The Lyon striker gave us an interview to discuss his early career but also the club's upcoming fixtures, including the game against PSG. The entire interview can be found on OLPLay.

His first action as a professional last season

It will be a year and a half pretty soon, it's gone very quickly! I had been waiting for this day for a long time, it was the realization of something important. But when I took my first steps on the pitch, that's where I thought the hard part began. With the supporters it was all the more special because they gave me a standing ovation when I came on, and that's why that memory will always be etched in my head.




His development

I have learned a lot, but I still have a way to go to achieve perfection and I intend to give it a try. My game has evolved a lot because I have more confidence, I am more comfortable. It lets me know in which areas I can play quickly, go dribble or shoot. It is mainly on these points that I have improved. 


His first start at the Parc des Princes

It was a great joy for me to play at the Parc des Princes, because it's a stadium that I particularly like. I got to see some great players playing on this pitch and when I too got to make my debut at this stadium it was amazing. It was also very important for my development, as it's a match that is one of the “big matches”, and now I have gained more confidence, I have gained more playing time, and I have learned a lot with my teammates. I think if I get the chance to play against Paris again, things will be completely different.


Playing against PSG's stars

We are all human, we have two arms, two legs, we are the same! (laughs). Certainly they have greater abilities than some, but in a anything is possible and that’s what I tell myself before each game. I hope Neymar will be there because he is a very good player. Last year in the Coupe de France I saw him play, but I was in the stands, so I hope this time I will be on the pitch.




His season

I take what there is to take, I work for what I can on a daily basis. I knew that the world of professional football was more demanding than that at an amateur level, but it is true that it is challenging. You have to be good all the time to be able to claim a place in the starting eleven. When I come on and the match isn’t yet settled, maybe it gives me an extra "urge" to come on and help my teammates. But the truth is I always give it my all as soon as I come onto the pitch.


Rudi Garcia

I have a very good relationship with the coach. I get along well with him, we speak a lot, I'll ask him for advice when there are things I don't understand well and he is always listening. This is all very important to me.


His goals

Getting back to the Champions League, which I think is a goal for every player, is the Holy Grail. I was very young when OL won their title so hopefully I will have the opportunity to win a title with the club of my heart.