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After Reims-OL: The substitutes make the difference

Published on 13 March 2021 at 2:00 PM
Après Reims - OL : Des entrants décisifs
After a very average first half, OL were able to raise their game in the second hald and gave everything to change the course of the match. It was a change in application that was due, in part, to the contributions of the bench.

After the first 45 minutes of the match between Reims and Olympique Lyonnais, Rudi Garcia saw his team behind by one goal and decided to make three changes at the start of the second half, bringing Maxence Caqueret, Tino Kadewere, and Maxwel Cornet into play. Very quickly Les Gones regained their desire and determination. Paqueta and Toko Ekambi were quickly denied by Rajkovic, who had a strong match in the Reims goal, to set the tone for this half. In midfield Caqueret quickly showed himself as up for the challenge. The Lyon youngster stood out, as usual, with his relentless workrate, but also by his very precise passing, and OL turned in a second half display in line with their place in the table, driven by the three substitutes.




Then it was time for Maxwel Cornet to shine. On at left back, he was also very active, with Rajkovic being glad to deny his effort from distance before he did well to stop a Reims counterattack. Shortly thereafter, Kadewere picked out Memphis on the flank before the latter gave him a perfect cross into the box, and the Zimbabwean did not let the opportunity pass and delivered the equalizer to releive his teammates' frustration. OL had snatched a draw, which was deserved, if not a little regrettable given the scenario. Even as Rudi Garcia preferred to talk about a change in attitude for the whole team in the second half, it was the three players who came on at halftime who did much to change the tone of the match. Anthony Lopes said as much after the match: "The contribution of the substitutes was incredible, especially Maxence Caqueret in midfield." Finally, with this goal by Tino Kadewere, OL have now seen substitutes score nine goals this season, the best total in all of Ligue 1, proof that this club has plenty of ability throughout the squad.


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