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Vincent Ponsot: "We are surprised by the process used"

Published on 12 March 2021 at 10:51 PM
Vincent Ponsot :  « Nous sommes surpris du processus utilisé »
OL's director general of football, Vincent Ponsot, reacts to the cancellation of the OL/PSG match initially scheduled for Saturday, March 13 at Groupama Stadium.

How do you react to the announcement of the cancellation of the OL/PSG match, which had been scheduled for tomorrow evening, after three cases of COVID-19 in the Parisian squad?


“First of all, in the current context, we wish a speedy recovery to all of the staff and players affected by COVID-19. But, we are a little disappointed with the lack of transparency on the part of PSG since we learned today through their Twitter account that they had these test results Thursday, while we had not been informed, as the organizer of the match, until the end of the afternoon today of the situation and that the coach of the PSG had this afternoon that he had his whole squad available. We are also surprised at the process used to cancel the match. According to the FFF, a match is to be postponed in the event that a club has four positive cases of COVID-19 within its squad, which is, of course, very fortunately not the case for PSG. As a result, it appears that PSG have communicated with the ARS to obtain, through the quarantine of the team, the postponement of the match. It does not seem to me that Paris Saint Germain or any club elsewhere has previously approached the Regional Health Agency for this sort of postponement even though at the start of the year they dealt with several cases of COVID. I just hope PSG haven't used this agency to "set" their schedule."



Tonight, the women's team was full of anticipation ahead of this massive match in D1 Arkema, what is the feeling now within the squad?


"You have to imagine that canceling a game within hours of its scheduled kick-off is very frustrating for the athletes. The squad and players had prepared themselves psychologically and physically to be ready tomorrow. "It's a final," Wendie Renard had said at a press conference this afternoon. On Tuesday and Wednesday the entire squad were in Denmark for their round of 16 second leg and the club had done everything to ensure that they were in the best possible condition. It is a collective investment that has been undermined tonight. Some players do not understand and wonder about the different procedures. Eugenie Le Sommer had also been positive for Covid-19 after being with the national team, however the match against Switzerland was played and no isolation protocol was put into place."



As of now, do we a sense for the rescheduled date given the constraints of the schedule?


“We have already been informed that the entire PSG group is currently in solitary confinement for the next seven days. Then, we will have to find a date which I hope will comply with the regulations, namely the first available date. And we need to project ourselves knowing that March is a decisive month in the women's calendar, especially with the quarterfinals of the Women’s Champions League, where Olympique Lyonnais could meet Paris Saint Germain again."



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