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Sara Björk: "I always want to do better"

Published on 03 March 2021 at 1:00 PM
Sara Björk : « Je veux toujours faire mieux »
Sara Björk answered journalists' questions on the eve of the UWCL Round of 16 first leg against Brondby. The entire conference can be found on OLPlay.

The club's season

“Match after match we try to improve, even if we have had a few bad matches. There is always room for improvement, but that's a good thing. We always have good results and that is the most important thing."


Her trajectory at OL

“I knew I had to adapt very quickly to the team. There are some very high level players in my position, I had to show the coach and the team that I was there for the team. I think I've done pretty well doing that, I've played and played well. But I think I always think I'm getting even better, that's my character, I'm never satisfied and I always want to do better."

The club's place in Europe

"Every time I've played OL, I felt an overall sense of respect for this club, for its history, its track record, and also for its international players. The club's winning mentality scares its opponents. Now that I'm on this team I feel that mentality every day. Everyone is invested in training and wants to win."


How things have changed since her arrival

“If I go to Iceland now, I see a lot of people with OL shirts. It’s really good to see that, in a small country like Iceland. I got to where I am because of the work I put in. I remember telling the media that I wanted to be one of the best midfielders in the world and I was laughed at, but these people don't laugh anymore. I am delighted today to be an example to the young girls of Iceland."


Being named Iceland's athlete of the the year

"I am the first woman to have won it twice, I remember my first time being nominated: I was up against men, and I had the impression that what I was accomplishing was not being recognized for what it was at the time. For me this is a huge victory, for women's sport, women's football and football in Iceland in my being able to prove that it was a reward linked to an individual's success and not to gender."


The match against Brondby

“I'm happy to be back in the Champions League. We have a title to defend. It's a good team with young players and experienced players, it won't be easy because everyone wants to do well against OL. We will have to be on our game to get a good result. "











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