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Rudi Garcia: "Be in Champions League mode"

Published on 26 February 2021 at 1:48 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Être en mode Ligue des Champions »
The Lyon coach, Rudi Garcia, gave a press conference two days before the trip to face Marseille in Ligue 1.

Medical update

“There is the possible return of Marcelo. He has been training normally. We think he'll be in the squad. The last training session will remove any last doubts. There is a run of matches coming up so you have to take that into account. The others should be ready."


The 101st Olympico

“No matter who we play on Sunday, we want to keep winning. It's an endurance race that remains in terms of the rest of the season. You have to be the team that wins the most matches. It's a clash between two of the best French clubs. This is a big match. I want OL to be at their best. We have to put all the ingredients together, to be in Champions League mode. We will be playing for that."


Room for improvent?

“We won in Brest to make up for having dropped points at home. We also have to rely on what we have done well on our travels. All teams can improve. We must continue to create chances. We conceded two more goals and I don't like that. We must find a defensive rigor at all times. If we always offer as much defensively, we will concede fewer goals than in the last few matches."


OM's strengths?

“What matters are the strengths of OL. You have to have motivation, and a sense of reflection during the match. It will be necessary to be consistent throughout the match in all areas. These are two of the league's best teams. It’s always a special match and one that you want to play."


Lille's elimination from the Europa League

“This is bad news for the UEFA coeffcient. They could have won yesterday to qualify. In the short term, I'm not sure it's a benefit for us. This defeat broke their good run of form. The best team is Lille for the moment, as they are in first."


A certain kind of pressure ahead of the run-in?

“It's a real sprint, everyone is working hard. There is no pressure. We want to return to the Champions League. There is nothing that will be settled today. Our experience leads us to have a sense of calm, not to get excited when things are going well, and to overcome difficulties when they arise. The squad is able to do this. There are still 36 points to be won, that's a lot. It remains exciting to experience this. The staff are pushing the players in a good direction and it’s good that the players are taking ownership of that too. They should not be approaching this with a sense calculation, but with desire and drive."





"It's more often all than nothing with him. He is a great player. He helps us. He is one of those who work the most for the collective, like against Brest. He has to continue to be just like that. He is capable of doing a lot of good things. There was a good sense of complementary play around him. The danger does not come only from him. The style of play leads the team to have chances. Anyone can score, as we saw with Aouar and Paqueta. We must also continue to work on our ability to score from set pieces."


Taking off Aouar in Brest

“I needed to have Paqueta playing closer to Memphis. It was also to counter Brest's way of building play. Houssem's best area is the left side of midfield or central midfield. The attackers have a lot of freedom. Cherki and even Slimani can play in this position. The players are very free and often find themselves in the center of the pitch."


The situation at left back

"Cornet has played there a lot, and we've also used De Sciglio. He has a champion's experience. He is one of the few players who have won something. We did well to get him in on loan. He has a level of composure when it comes to playing the ball out from the back. It's a big job, he says good things. He brings us a culture of determination, and respect in the way he works. Mattia is therefore super valuable in this area. It's important to learn from those kinds of players in the locker room. I can cite him in the locker room for his professionalism. Bard had played a lot of matches in a row before the reverse fixture against Marseille. The team then took off on a good run of form and the eleven was often the same. It’s good that there is competition for places. The players have different profiles. It leaves choices for the coach, and that's a good thing."


Rayan Cherki

“Cherki has come into the team at a very young age, breaking records with his precocity. He is talented and a good listener. We are working on his footballing education so that he reaches the highest level. He's in good form. I was glad he scored against Ajaccio. He will continue to progress. We expect him to be decisive, with goals as well as assists. I think he's improving, that's what he's doing right now."


The return of National 2

"It's good news. It's tough to move players from one group to another with the health situation. We have to think about every detail. Those who have already dealt with it, it is easier for them. We want to protect the first team. This unfortunately challenges our interactions with the Pro 2 group. We do not want to do anything stupid. We have to be very careful."


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