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Rudi Garcia: "You have to know how to react"

Published on 17 February 2021 at 1:57 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Il faut savoir réagir »
The Lyon coach answered journalists' questions two days before the trip to Brest for Matchday 26 in Ligue 1 Uber Eats. The entire press conference can be found on OLPlay.

Medical update

“Marcelo is injured, everyone else should be ready. "


On Brest

"It's good that the match in Brest comes quickly, everyone is focused on getting back the points we've lost. It's still an endurance race and it's best to be the team that wins its matches. Nothing is determined going forward yet. But it does help to be able to restart a winning streak. Brest are a difficult team to play against, well organized. You have to be able to win there and get things off on the right foot. All the matches are pivotal. The quality of a team is measured in its ability to react, you have to know how to react. We have done that well lately so we must continue like this."


The team's finishing

“We are the third-best attack in the championship, but we could be the first. We have to be more clinical, to have a killer's eye in front of goal. There will always be chances, but you have to be focused when they arise. You must not be impatient; you have to be efficient."


Islam Slimani

“He brings desire, combativeness, aerial play in the penalty area. Islam has the profile we need to complement our attacking play. He can play in any of the three attacking positions with no problem."


Anthony Lopes

“We have confidence in him, he's earned us a lot of points. We need everyone to make as few mistakes as possible, but the 'keeper is often the most vulnerable if a mistake is made. He is experienced and he is one of the best goalkeepers in France."


Rayan Cherki

“He had a good match against Ajaccio. He works very hard, just like the others and he can help us."

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