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Lucas Paqueta: "Give everything for the win"

Published on 17 February 2021 at 1:30 PM
Lucas Paqueta : « Tout donner pour retrouver la victoire »
The Brazilian midfielder spoke to a press conference today, before OL's trip to Brest. You can find the entire conference on OLPlay.

The loss to Montpellier

“It was painful to lose at home, we missed chances in this game, we have to think about ourselves, our daily work and not think about the other teams. We lacked the right touch in our finishig, we felt nervous, it affected us; for now we're really working on our finishing so that this doesn't repeat itself. We don't like to lose, when we lose we can analyze what went wrong, that's why we've worked hard to stop making these mistakes and get back to winning ways. We were coming off of a great run of form, everything was going well, but we can't always play well, however we always give our best; we have to think about the match against Brest and give everything for the win."


His style of play

“I think I've now played a lot of matches and the opponents are starting to know me. It's up to me to work to improve myself. It's a part of football, I am not going to change my approach but I have to find the right solution to improve my play."


His recent goalscoring form

"I'm happy to score, I want to help the team and do the best I can and also help my teammates to score."


The physical level of football in France

“I was surprised, it’s a fiercely contested league; I thank Paolo Rongoni for helping me every day, today I feel good and I am able to come off the better in all types of duels."


Islam Slimani

"It's very important to have that warrior-like attitude to always want to win and to fight for every ball, he is always helping the team."


The good form of the substitutes

"They are all very high quality players, for me no one is a substitute or a starter on this team. We are all stronger together."











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