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Bruno Guimarães: "Competition motivates me to give my best"

Published on 15 February 2021 at 3:20 PM
Bruno Guimarães : « La concurrence me motive à donner le meilleur »
After celebrating his first year at OL, Bruno Guimarães gave us an interview, and with it, an opportunity for him to talk about his adaptation, playing in the Final 8, not to mention his debut for his country and his personal goals. The full interview can be found on OLPlay.

His having adapted quickly

It's true that it went better than I imagined, before COVID it was magical. After that it got a little harder, I was not well. But for my first year here I'm really happy, and I hope to do even better now. When I first came here, I said that my dream was to write my name in the history of the club, and I think, little by little, I am doing it.


How things have gone for OL as a team

Things are positive overall, we had a very good Champions League, we played some great matches. I also think that we gave the Lyon fans a chance to dream and that is the most important thing.


Competition for places in midfield

It's going well, we are all friends, on and off the pitch. It's good for the team, it's mainly a problem for the coach (laughs). It’s important to me too, I know that if I don’t give my best I won’t play. So that motivates me, whether in training or in a game, to always give my best.


Taking his first steps with Brazil

It’s a moment I’ve always dreamed of, I knew I haven’t played much, but just being called up was very important. Then when I was called up again when I thought I had not done as well with OL, Tite and his staff reassured me. They told me they believed in me, and I think it helped me get back to where I was. My goal is to participate in the Olympic Games, I am the captain of the U23s, and I hope we can play despite the health crisis. I remember Brazil winning the title during the last Olympics, I remember the celebrations. I know it's difficult for the Brazilian people right now so I think football can bring them joy if we can win these Olympics.


Learning French

It was hard, during the first period of confinement I took lessons every day. Since I didn't have much to do at home, I figured now was the time to learn. This is perhaps the only bright spot when it comes to the lockdown.


The role of Isabelle Dias

It's a bit like my mom at the club, if I need anything I know I can call on her. She has helped me a lot, and my family as well. A week before I signed my contract to come here, we were already talking. I had a lot of questions, but in the end I think I made the right choice.



His hobbies outside of football

I play video games, I play sports, I continue my French lessons and I have started to learn English. For me it is really important to learn languages, it makes me really happy to be able to understand French, I am bilingual now!


The difference between football in Brazil and football in France

For me football is always played 11 against 11, the difference is mainly in the level of intensity. In Brazil, four or five players play with the same intensity as in France. Here, even if a team has less quality, it will always run and not let things go. But Brazilian football has given me the intelligence to play well, especially thanks to futsal, which I have always played.


His career objectives

My goal is to win the Champions League, the Olympics and the World Cup. If I succeed in this, I can end my career in peace.