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Karl Toko Ekambi: "We are inevitably expected to win"

Published on 05 February 2021 at 4:53 PM
Karl Toko Ekambi : «  On est forcément attendu »
Karl Toko Ekambi answered journalists' questions today, on the eve of a visit from Strasbourg to mark Matchday 24 in Ligue 1. The full press conference can be found on OLPlay.

Fixture congestion

“The matches are coming quickly but don't necessarily feel the same even though it doesn't matter which team is in front -- you always want to try to win. We know we have to take three points. We're on three consecutive victories; if we could win all the matches 5-0 it would be good, but we are satisfied as long as we take three points."


The match in Dijon

“We had a lot of chances that we didn't take, but that can happen. We could have won by more, but it's the coach's job to give us a boost. We're taking things in stride because we know that in order to improve we have to look at what is wrong with our game."


A new status for the team

“We are at the top of the table, so obviously we are expected to win. Before you even play a match, it's determined. But we have to continue playing like this because all of the matches will be tough and the opponents will be determined. In the first part of the season we were scoring more quickly so the matches were more open."


His assist for Paquetá

"I also enjoy making assists -- I'm trying to help the team find the a collective solution, and Paqueta allowed me to make an easy pass because his run was good."


His personal goals

“I never set a goal for goals and assists; my confidence comes first. The goal must be success for the collective, the most important thing is to keep in shape and keep up our strong momentum."


A new broadcaster for Ligue 1

“I hope it will do good for French football, the situation for the clubs has been difficult so I hope it will have a positive outcome."


Le Classique on Sunday

“I won't be supporting a side, but it's a very interesting match, personally I watch all the matches so I will definitely watch this one."











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