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Rudi Garcia: "Everyone must stay focused for things to end well"

Published on 27 January 2021 at 12:53 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Tout le monde doit rester concentré pour bien finir »
Lyon coach Rudi Garcia answered journalists' questions two days before the match against Bordeaux in Ligue 1 Uber Eats. The press conference can be found in full on OLPlay.

Medical update

“Maxwel Cornet is back. Houssem Aouar is still a doubt, but he is progressing well. He could be OK to play."


The match against Bordeaux

“This is not a tricky match. We know they're a good team. They've just won three straight. We know the talent of Ben Arfa. It's a difficult team to break down -- they're cohesive, and theu play with strength. It's up to us to be able to be at 100%, like in the derby. This is what we want to do."


The win in the derby

“I've asked them to refocus on Bordeaux. It’s exceptional what we did, it’s not an everyday result. We were very happy. The Bordeaux match comes so quickly that we didn't have time to build up our sense of euphoria. I reminded the players that they must stay focused. We have been able to remain consistent. We figured it would be best not to let up at halftime. We wanted to be consistent in performance. We played without any sense of letting up. It’s a mental state. When the eleven players think collectively, it produces a team capable of playing a complete match."



"I saw that we're still talking about this two days after the win... We will only end the season well if everyone stays focused. I have sufficiently remarked on the contributions of those who came on. They allow us to earn points and win matches, like in Rennes. The message can also be more general. I think it is useful to do this to keep everyone involved. From what I see in training, it has paid off. We'll see if it lasts. We have five matches coming. Those who have been playing less must do everything to take the places of those who are in the eleven. This is how it works. Everyone needs to do a little more to help the team. There is the example of Thiago Mendes. He was someone who pushed me to put him back in the squad… When you win a derby 5-0, everyone shares the spoils. I hope Houssem Aouar will be back, as well as Bruno Guimaraes. We have areas of the game where we have more depth than others, like midfield."


The mood around the team

“I always thought that the star was the team and not the individuals. But we have to put individuals in the right conditions so that they can express their creativity. You also have to be able to change your style so as not to be too predictable for the opponent, as in the derby in the first half of the season. The team must be able to adapt to playing different systems. You need to be able to make changes, to make sure nothing is excluded. But everything is going well."


Islam Slimani

“He's needed to improve his physical level. He hadn't played this season. He's been doing extra work. He's a very intelligent player, able to bring others into play. He must also be able to take his responsibilities. He has a great vision for the game, and he will have to shoot as well, when he has the chance. He is very motivated. It's great that he's with us. We're counting on his contributions. We’re not that deep in attack. He will be able to get the chance to express himself."


Thiago Mendes

“We cannot give the reasons for the difficulties of his first season. He reacted when I took him out of the eleven. He worked a lot. We knew he had great potential. His quality was not in question. There is the pressure of his transfer. He doubted himself, but his efforts paid off. We are very happy with his current form and his influence on the game. He is the only one who has these qualities. He is very important in building play, even though he is the most physical of our midfielders."


A return for Benzema to OL?

“It was his ex-agent who said this. Karim didn't say it. I cannot give that much credibility. It would be just wonderful to have Karim back in an OL jersey. We are not ones for speculation, this sort of thing is not very important. It's great that Karim had a little word for Kadewere before the derby."



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