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Rudi Garcia: "Give all we have left"

Published on 22 December 2020 at 4:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Donner tout ce qu'il nous reste »
Lyon coach Rudi Garcia gave a press conference on the eve of the match against FC Nantes, as part of the 17th day of Ligue 1. The full conference can be found on OLTV and OLPlay.

Medical update

“Thiago Mendes is back. Jean Lucas will not be available, he is in Brazil with permission from Juninho. Moussa Dembélé will not be here, he broke his arm in training. We'll see what the course of action is with him, but for now he is unavailable."


First place?

“We're going to win to make sure we're at least second and we'll see if we do better than Lille. We will have to play a 14th game in a row without defeat. We have to draw on what happened before Brest. I had warned everyone a lot that they would be a difficult team to play. No points are won in advance. Nantes came to win here last year. This game requires all our attention, all our investment to be able to win and add a win to what's been a great run. We could have done better in regard to the goals conceded in certain matches. Every detail counts. It's very close at the top. The goal is to get as far from fourth as possible."



“It will be a different match compared to last season's game in the Coupe de France. Rayan Cherki was exceptional that day. We are coming off four matches in a row. The players' levels are a little low but we will give all we have left. Everyone needs to rest a bit. We haven't talked a lot about this match but I'm only focused on that. We must confirm our good form. The start of the match will be important. It is not enough to wear the jersey -- we have to have strength without making it too much of an effort. We have to impose our game on them; the priority is to win. To finish ahead of Lille would be the icing on the cake. We fell into a trap against Brest."


Your record at OL

“You are improving all the time as a coach, regardless of the club, your age. We improve particularly in times of difficulty. OL are one of the best clubs at a French and European level. I came to the team when they were a point off relegation. There has been good progress. Considering our dynamic last season with our run in the domestic cups, we would have finished in the European places. Economically, it would have benefited all the clubs not to stop the league. We had already made good progress since January. The break in play slowed us down. But we made good progress in the Champions League, which remains a great memory. We started poorly in the league but we've been pretty good since… I'm not upset about my contract situation. It’s been a unique year. Quietly, we'll put all of this behind us."




Lucas Paqueta

“I knew him well because he played in Italy. He had three different periods in Milan with three different coaches. It went well at first. All the credit goes to Juninho, he knows him well. It’s a point of pride to see him as Brazilian international, like Bruno. I had made inquiries in Italy and the feedback was very good. He has confirmed that he has tremendous talent. He must be more decisive in his passing and in scoring goals. He must take more of his chances. He's a generous player, he works for the team. He is very pleasant. When there is someone like this who sets the tone, everyone follows. It rubs off on others. He’s not the only one, but he makes it easier. We have a lot of quality midfielders. We cannot have a league season with the same eleven because there are injuries, suspensions. Hence the interest in involving everyone. This dynamic is thanks to the whole group. It’s really a collective effort."


The mood around the team

“There is more confidence, the players are trying more things. The squad has always trained very well. There are a lot of young players. Some cannot play with the reserves, so they improve by training with us. I'm thinking of Da Silva, Soumaré, Ozkacar, Gusto… They are the future of the club even if they are held back by the lack of competitive fixtures."


The players' holidays

“We're going to be more exposed. We all need to spend time with our families. We will take precautions with social distancing, but we must not forget the human side of things either, this is priceless. Everyone knows we have to be careful. We have been largely spared by COVID-19, the players have taken it seriously. We resume training on January 1st. "










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