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Rudi Garcia: "To be provisionally first is an additional motivation"

Published on 18 December 2020 at 5:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Etre provisoirement premier est une motivation supplémentaire »
OL coach Rudi Garcia answered journalists' questions just over 24 hours before the trip to Nice. The press conference can be found in full on OLPlay.

Medical update

“We will get Thiago Mendes back for Nantes even if he  needs to be careful in terms of getting another booking. We will be careful with our training as well so as to spare the players on a physical level. Jean Lucas? We're not in the transfer window yet. Everyone is available."


The draw against Brest

"It's better to move on right now. When you don't win, it's better to get back to winning quickly. This is what we are going to do in Nice. The result says it's not a good performance, but you look at the quality of what we produced, we've never hit the woodwork so much, we've not had as many shots, and the opponent has scored two goals with one shot on target. You have to consider the way we played -- that was good enough. We made three mistakes on the penalty. It’s always difficult to play in a different way in the face of adversity after the win in Paris. We may have been a bit too comfortable, even with a man advantage. Comfort can affect performance. The players gave it their all and lived up to expectations. We owe it to ourselves to find the path to victory. The team really wants that."



“You never play a season with eleven players. The levels are very close among the players. There are no regrets about Wednesday's rotation. There are plenty of examples of players who were at their best at one moment and then less so and who saw others move past them. It's part of the life of a team. Everyone gets along well, and competition is healthy. The quality of their effort is exceptional. The squad is young, and it works very well."


The match in Nice

“This is an important moment. We have the opportunity to be first provisionally on Saturday night. This is additional motivation. It will be difficult because Nice have just won. Mentally, they have shown that even with ten men they are capable of winning on the road. I can only offer words of support for Patrick Vieira. I think he will do great things in his career. It's a different team. Nice play with five defenders. We have a little less time to study this team."


A reunion with Amine Gouiri

“I am very happy with what is happening for Amine Gouiri. He has playing time. He is a decisive player in Nice. There was too much competition here. I have always praised his spirit and his attacking qualities. He is shining and performing well. We will reunite with him with pleasure. We'll do anything to keep him quiet."


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