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Gueïda Fofana: "Gérard Houllier gave me a lot of advice on the job"

Published on 16 December 2020 at 8:25 PM
Gueïda Fofana : « Gérard Houllier me donnait beaucoup de conseils sur le métier »
A guest on OLTV on the pre-match program ahead of OL-Brest, Gueïda Fofana took advantage of the moment to pay tribute to Gérard Houllier, a man who was very important to the coach of the reserves.

Gueïda Fofana


“I was very affected by the passing of Gérard Houllier. Since my becoming a coach, he has always been kind to me. He was very protective of me. He gave me a lot of advice on approaching the trade. He told me to use the misfortune that befell my football career as an opportunity to pass on how precious the opportunity to play was to young players. Gérard had identified some of my personality traits. He told me that he had a management style similar to mine. He had a special relationship with certain players, like with Steven Gerrard. He tries to give a human touch to management; football is above all a human adventure."