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Rudi Garcia: "We're approaching this big match in optimal conditions"

Published on 11 December 2020 at 7:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « On aborde ce choc dans des conditions optimales »
The Lyon manager spoke to a press conference two days before the match at the Parc des Princes against PSG. The entire conference can be found on OLTV and OLPlay.

Medical update

“There was a muscle issue with Memphis. We will see tomorrow if it is 100%."


Full of confidence before the big match

“We did what was necessary to continue our run of form. This allows us to approach this big match in optimal conditions. We are a third of the way through the league season. It’s ever-closer at the top of the table. To go first would only be temporary. It has often been said that PSG are not helped by the level of Ligue 1 in performing in the Champions League. We can perhaps help them by giving them a good match  and by winning on Sunday… We are good but they are not bad either. They showed as much on Wednesday by finishing in first place in the Champions League. We're coming into this with a lot of humility and ambition… It's our Champions League. It is not taboo to mention the title. But you have to be humble. It would be lacking in humility and even crazy to say that we are playing for the title."


A slightly more beatable PSG?

“We should not expect a PSG side that will not give their all. We are OL and there is also the league table. The most important thing is that we are at 100% otherwise there is little chance of troubling this team. We have to be very good physically, mentally and tactically. We have to be solid because in their attack there are two of the best five players in the world… We can very well play with three at the back, it's not sacriligeous. I will make the choices necessary to win this match. We want to keep our unbeaten run alive. When a coach makes his choices, he is convinced that they are the right ones. The match will prove me right or wrong."


A return to realism

“We have been more efficient, more successful. We are more clinical. We are simply progressing. We're making good on our good passages of play. We are relatively solid even though I would have liked not to have conceded the goal in Metz. We can always be scoring more. We have to have more continuity in our performances. We are only in third in the league. We could have been second with a few more goals… We must do better on set pieces. We are strong defensively. I hope that this can come together in Paris again."


Squad management

“I don't just manage playing time and egos. The changes made in the match have been positive as well. Those I made against Metz did not bring us success but it is the exception that proves the rule. If we played every three days, that would allow us to play everyone more. It's good to take advantage of having five changes. These are demanding roles and it is good to involve everyone."


PSG's squad

"I've had the privilege of coaching Gueye, Paredes, Florenzi… Paris is performing well in all areas of the pitch. We will have to be sharp to get a result there. Verratti is one of the strengths of this team. "


The end of Téléfoot

“It's a double penalty. We haven't even broached the subject of the end of the rights at the end of last season and we will not have the billion this season, which seemed to be a cause for hope when we stopped last season to start this one earlier. It’s yet another blow to French football. There is no box office appeal. There are plenty of journalists who have gone on this adventure and I hope it will continue for them. This is bad news. I cannot afford to talk about our leaders. We have once again been penalized. I hope this will all work out. There are people who have to deal with this."









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