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Léo Dubois: "A love of winning comes from the whole squad"

Published on 11 December 2020 at 1:00 PM
Léo Dubois : « l'amour de la victoire transpire dans le groupe »
Léo Dubois spoke to journalists to discuss the match against PSG this Sunday in Ligue 1. The entire press conference can be found on OLTV and OLPlay.

The importance of the match

“It will be a high-level Champions League-type match. It will be interesting. We are aware that all matches are important to achieve our goals. It's a big game but its reward can be three points, just like the others. A league season is long."


OL's current form

"This string of victories is positive, we are confident, but we come into this match with a lot of humility because it is never easy to go there; but we know we can turn the tide if we play our style of football. We're on a run of good results and we're playing pretty well. We just have to keep in mind of our quality, our efforts. My main focus is on our results. We have been showing great things in our recent matches. We're not trying to play the same style of play as Paris."


The club's objectives

“We must stay focused on our initial objectives, which are to get back into the Champions League. We're not even halfway through the season. We will see where we will be in March. We have to keep moving forward. Our short-term goal is to get past Paris."



“We have never had this sort of consistency in results since I've come here. We're winning, we're conceding very few goals. I am very happy with this. The group has grown psychologically. We have to stay focused, not listen to what is being said next door. The Champions League adventure has done us good. The love of winning is something comes from the whole squad right now."


PSG's Champions League match

“I was eager to watch the PSG game. The reaction of the players has been good. Racism must be banned from football. Stopping the game was a big deal and sent a very strong message."








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