OLTV: The best of Sidney Govou on OLNS

Published on 10 December 2020 at 7:30 PM
OLTV : Les meilleurs moments de Sidney Govou dans OLNS
OL legend Sidney Govou was the guest on OL Night System this Thursday. The show can be found in full on OLTV and OLPlay.

On the match against PSG

“They're hard to have much success when they're playing well. The teams that can give them problems are the teams that play on their level. When you play against PSG you have to take risks but with our attacking qualities if we play to our strengths, we can really give them a hard time. I tend to think that when things work well you shouldn't change the system. It's true we will be facing a strong side but we have a team that can adapt to the opponents' system. Some teams do not know how to do this and their football suffers. OL have to impose their way of playing football, we have found a system with players who complement each other so we have to keep on with that."



OL's consistency and the demands of the supporters

"Lyon's 'not enough' is still a very, very high level. Over the past 20 years, there has been no French team as consistent as OL. When you hit the top and then you finish 7th everyone gets upset. Lyon has always been in the top 5 of the league over the last 20 years. We are demanding of the people we love, and the supporters love their club so they are demanding. But overall, they you must not exceed a certain limit in being demanding - they must accept that sometimes things go poorly. You cannot be 100% successful all your life, when there are moments that are collectively less than that top level, it becomes more immediately visible unfortunately."



The OL player who has impressed him most this season

"Lucas Paqueta, I didn't know much about him before this and I've been pleasantly surprised. Beyond his technique, it's also his aggressiveness and his athleticism that impress me. When I see him play I'm impressed with the physical impact that he brings to the game. He gets stuck in, he goes in ready to duel. And also, he has a fine left foot, it's also true that technically he's very sharp."


The desire to win

“At OL, with the older generation being foreign players who brought something more, it gave me a real desire to win. When Cris, Juninho or Caçapa came, they were all about wanting to win. It is often said that Brazilians are all about partying, I don't know if they are outside a Brazilian system, but they absolutely wanted to win. Even in training, they played with a desire to win. In France we learn to play football very well but not necessarily to win. The federation trains good players but sometimes forgets the most important thing, which is winning. We have to win matches and when we win it's because we managed to play well."