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Farid Benstiti: "There will be an intensity like a Champions League final"

Published on 18 November 2020 at 8:00 AM
Farid Benstiti : « Il y aura une intensité de finale de Champions League »
A few days before the D1 Arkema clash between PSG and OL, Farid Benstiti was visiting the Lyon region to watch the match against Soyaux. As one who has trained the two clubs, he took the opportunity to discuss this match and take stock of his new adventure with OL Reign in the United States.

Farid, you saw the last match against Soyaux. What did you make of this meeting?

There were no surprises in the result. OL made the difference in their speed of play. Soyaux was well organized, did not defend too badly but the players made the difference. They started off slow, but they sped up. Soyaux never shrank from the game, it was not a bad match to watch.


How do you imagine the upcoming clash between your two former clubs, PSG and OL?

It will be a whole different game. These are two teams that are top of the table to no one's surprise. OL are going to be on the level of the Champions League and certainly PSG will be too. There is a sense of motivation at OL, which I knew when the club was very young and which is still just as strong. The difference will be on the play of individuals I think. We must also count on Wendie Renard at  set pieces. There will surely be an intensity like a Champions League final.


Farid Benstiti


How is this new adventure in the United States going, with OL Reign?

It’s a very exciting experience. We are always surprised by the enthusiasm and the desire of the American players. They are real professionals. Everything is going very well with them. The difficulty was in my move to the United States, the fact that my family could not join me and also COVID-10. It was exceptionally difficult for six months. The club put me in very good conditions - it's still OL there. It's a very family-oriented club. Everything is going well. The season was interrupted several times, so it was difficult to have continuity in our results. Some players had very little playing time at the start of the season. We were good in the last two matches but the season has come to a standstill. Everything will have to be done again.


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