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Juninho: "We must represent all the supporters who are not there"

Published on 07 November 2020 at 2:00 PM
Juninho : « On doit représenter tous les supporters qui ne sont pas là »
On the eve of the derby, our sporting director Juninho spoke about the importance of the game and his memories as a player. The full interview can be found on OLPlay.

Playing for the fans

“The letters from the supporters have made us very happy, we felt them urging us on. We thank them because they are always behind us even if they are not at the stadium, and I hope the players will feel that energy on the pitch, and will play to win. To be able to continue training all week, to get out of our house, to be able to have some fresh air, to continue our profession, it is a privilege. This is what the players should be thinking about. And that's why the derby becomes even more important, because we are representing all the supporters who are not there. It's up to us to answer the call on the pitch and to please the supporters. The supporters represent the club before us, and that's what who have to play for. "



Finding motivation

“I think all players know what a derby is. Before playing them we don't look at the table, it doesn't matter if we are in first or last, or if we are in better form than the opponent. You have to approach this match with a lot of humility but also a lot of commitment, seriousness, and not wanting to make a difference on your own. I have confidence because we have gained momentum in the last few matches. And even if Saint-Etienne are playing poorly at the moment, they remain our biggest rival."


His own derby memories

“When I was a player, before the derbies, I was a little bit nervous, I was afraid we wouldn't get a good result, but it makes sense. That's before the match, after it's just joy, you realize that this is a unique opportunity to play a derby because the result will go down in history. It's always a mixture of feelings, and the best come after the game, it's worth all the risk. When you play a derby and win, the feeling is really beautiful."










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