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Anthony Lopes: "The derby is my favorite match"

Published on 06 November 2020 at 12:38 PM
Anthony Lopes : « Le derby est mon match préféré »
The Lyon goalkeeper, Anthony Lopes, spoke to the press about the derby, this fixture which is so close to his heart. The entire press conference can be found on OLPlay.

Playing behind closed doors

“It takes away all of the atmosphere, but it's still a derby no matter what. The lack of supporters hurts a lot; I knew they were keen to set the stadium into a frenzy, so we will have to do our best possible to make the fans proud and happy. During the match, we will be focused on our performance, and the coach's instructions. The stadium will sound empty. You have to be careful what you say (smiles)."


The two teams' current form

"In a derby everything has to be put aside, it's the match that needs to be won by both sides, form hardly matters at this level; it is pride that is at stake ... the message comes through. All the players know very well that this is a match to be won. They are immediately immersed in the fact of this when they arrive at the club. With a victory in this fixture, we know we have credit for the future. This would allow us to be where want to be for a few weeks."


A lack of enthusiasm?

“The supporters sent us letters. We've posted them in the locker room. They bring us courage. For them and for us, we're missing something. We were used to seeing them in training as we warm up. We have to adapt to it."


OL's current form

"We had a tough September, now we are looking ahead, we have to reach a high level here at OL. We have a lot of ambition, we have to show the true face of Olympique Lyonnais, the one who wins, who plays well, who brings joy to the fans. Lille's first half was good. We could have been more dangerous after the sending off. The great satisfaction lies in having been very good and supportive of each other mentally."


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His first Ligue 1 match in a derby

"It was a sign of fate, the best kind possible. I'm a child of the club, I've been wearing these colors for 20 years, and having started that derby at the Gerland, I remember it like it was yesterday. The warm-up, the Bad Gones banner… I wish I had won the match... The derby is my favorite game, the one I look forward to the most. My favorite? The 5-0 at the Geoffroy-Guichard. It was historic."



"I feel good, it was tough in Strasbourg, I was managed throughout the week in terms of my condition. I feel at 100% regarding my ability to string together some good performances."


Diomandé and Benlamri

“Sinaly is 19 years old. He is solid, very strong in the duels. He is a complete player. He will continue to develop and gain experience. I'm impressed. He wants to play. He is taking his chance. He looks like he's been playing OL for years. Djamel, we already knew about him, we knew he was a warrior, he showed that very well in Lille, he gave us a huge effort to preserve the result. I love this kind of player, he doesn't talk a lot, but when he's on the pitch you know you can go to war with him. "



The Champions League

“We miss this competition. And the club are missing it in terms of the UEFA coefficient. We would like the French teams to get as many points as possible."










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