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Janice Cayman: "I want to win everything there is to win"

Published on 29 October 2020 at 11:00 AM
Janice Cayman : « Je veux gagner tout ce qu'il y a à gagner »
As she prepares to reunite with her former club when OL travel to Montpellier on Saturday, the Belgian international Janice Cayman (107 caps, 39 goals) gave us an interview, an opportunity for her to review her career and her ambitions with her club and in the national team. The interview can be found in full on OLPlay.

What prompted you to play football, did it speak to you immediately? How did you take your first steps in the game in Belgium?

“My dad played soccer and I have three brothers, two of whom are older so everyone played soccer. It was obvious that I was going to do the same. I was the first girl at the club with all the boys, but I always loved it."


But you didn't think you would become a professional player, a European champion?

"No not yet, because I didn't even think it was possible for girls, but little by little you always take it a step further. And it's wonderful, when I look at my career, to see that each time I have taken a step forward. It's really nice to have done this in Lyon too."


You arrived last season from Montpellier. And you played little (nine matches), was it tough?

“Yes, I knew it was going to be difficult to have playing time in Lyon. But I'm there every day in training, I fight every day. I know there is a lot of competition. After that, it's down to the choices of the coach and they must be respected."


Do you feel good as a part of the team today?

“Yeah, I think after a year I can say I'm really part of this team. The girls are super cool to me too and there is a great atmosphere in the team."




You have been a part of a lot of clubs, you started in Belgium, you played in the United States, and in France. What is different about OL compared to the other clubs you've been with so far?

"OL are really professional, we have no worries outside of football, we have everything we need available to us: physiotherapy, beautiful pitches, locker rooms, good weight rooms etc. I think that's the difference. Montpellier was also great, but I think OL are a step above."


We talked about OL, we will also talk a little bit about playing internationally. You played in Euro 2017, it was a first for Belgium. Is women's football also developing in your country?

"Yes, since the Euros the media are really interested in us, our matches are on TV now, it was unheard of before that. We also feel that the country is behind us. The goal is to compete in the next Euros (in 2022, in England), we know what we have to do to get there, it's up to us to play now."


Is playing another big competition one of your main goals for the rest of your career? Do you have any others?

"Yes, with Belgium the goal is really the Euros, we have to qualify, everyone wants it. Being 32 years old I know that I am closer to the end than the beginning, but I want to continue as long as it is okay. At club level I am here at OL so I want to win everything there is to win."


Do you already have any ideas about your next step in a few years, when you have to hang up your cleats?

“I think I'm going to stay in football because it's really my passion. With Belgium, we have a few players who are working on their UEFA licenses. We're just at the start but it's really interesting to see how the coaches prepare for the matches. And it's interesting as a player to learn that aspect to try to be better on the pitch."

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