OLTV: The best of Delphine Cascarino on OL Night System

Published on 16 October 2020 at 8:00 AM
OLTV : les meilleurs moments de Delphine Cascarino dans OL Night System
OL striker Delphine Cascarino was the guest on OL Night System this Thursday evening. The show can be found in full on OLPlay.

OL's success

"At OL we have won a lot of titles and we want to continue. Every season is different even though we often win it is not easy every season because we have challenging matches but we are staying strong and focused on our goal of winning as many trophies as possible. It sounds boring but it's always a pleasure, I'm making my dreams come true -- I wanted to reach the pro group now I have done that. The more I improve, the more I will set higher and higher goals, it is OL's DNA to set big goals. We are working on this on a daily basis, we work a lot with an incredible staff and we have managed to have a symbiosis between the players and the staff. At OL it's all about winning. That’s what makes us one of the best teams in the world."


Her being named MVP of the WCL final

“To have won the title of best player of the WCL Final is still an unforgettable moment, it is a dream and a goal for sure. My goal is to win the most trophies with OL as well as individual awards. It was an incredible moment of joy and pride to bring this trophy home for my family and parents who have made a lot of sacrifices to make it happen. The hard work ends up paying off."


The evolution of women's football

"Since I arrived in the top flight six years ago I saw a lot of positive developments in women's football, but the goal has not been reached yet. We know it won't be like the men are covered in the media, but we will try to approach that level. We are trying to be irreproachable so as to have a good image of women and women's football. We have a role to play in society as high-level sportswomen, to pass on messages for generations to come. A lot of young players are arriving at the top level faster and faster, it creates competition but that's what we want. The higher the level, the more women's football will shine."


The shooting of the film "The Players"

"It's always satisfying to see yourself on a movie screen, I never thought I'd spend a day being in the movies. It was impressive, I thank the director Stéphanie, who was with us every day but was quite discreet. It was the first documentary about a female team and I'm proud to have been a part of the project. It lasted six months and we had three people following us. They were there in private moments like in the locker room for example, but it was okay, as they were like part of the walls. "