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Memphis: "Very proud to be an OL player and to be captain"

Published on 16 October 2020 at 1:34 PM
Memphis : « Très fier d’être un joueur de l’OL et d’en être le capitaine »
The press conference of Memphis, the captain of OL, can be found in full on OLPlay.

A difficult transfer window

“I’m very proud to be an OL player and to be the captain. I think a lot of things have been misunderstood. We read a lot of false things in the press during this transfer window. I'm here, clubs were interested and got close to making a deal with OL but it didn't happen. It wasn't a usual transfer window for anyone, it was much longer than normal. We adapted but it was strange and it didn't help me personally. Since the start of the season, I have played three matches as a starter and have been on the bench three times. Now that's in the past, I am focused on the present. I would like us to talk more about the team because we must not forget what was acheived last season in the Champions League. There have been a few departures since then but many players have stayed. We know that during the transfer window a lot of people talk a lot. I stayed silent because it was the best way to stay focused. I want to talk about the team."


Focus on OL

“Like with my injury, I have a philosophy of life and I think life is already written. I can't decide the future, only God can. I am simply happy. I have found a form of peace since the end of the transfer window. People worry about whether I would be invested, but yes I will. I proved it in all three matches with the Netherlands team. Life goes on and I bounce back every time. The fact that clubs are interested in me keeps me going. I think I can be a great player and will be a better player at OL."


The club's ambitions

“We recruited good players. I saw most of them today, I welcomed them. I saw the quality of Lucas Paqueta. It’s a very good thing for the team. It must be remembered that this team played a Champions League semifinal. We have to show that we have made progress and that we are hungry for more. I like to play for crowds, to be boosted by the atmosphere of the stadium. I miss the supporters. We now know what it's like to play without crowds and it's horrible to do it without them. You have to motivate yourself from within. I have confidence in us even though the start of the season has been bad. We will bounce back."


The start of the season

“One thing is obvious, we haven't scored enough goals. We must regain our ability to be clinical, above all. We are working hard on that. You have to find your way back to scoring goals and the game will be smoother. It's a shame to have made this start to the season. The team must play together to recover. It’s no longer an excuse to be a young team. Even 20-21 year old players have to play their part. We have to start the rest of the season on Sunday. "


 His current level

“I feel really great. I played 90 minutes twice with the Netherlands. I am 100% physically. It's up to me to find my level in relation to that. I had very little playing time in the last few OL matches, but I'm training hard. The matches with the national team allowed me to find my rhythm."


A talented team

“We have a lot of talented players. I'm glad that Aouar stayed, he's an amazing player. It’s a pleasure to watch Rayan grow up. He is very talented for his age. He continues to progress. We have the ability to score goals. Dembélé is a goalscorer. Collectively, we are a good team. We have a good team. We know it and it's up to us to show it."


The future

“I have a lot of questions about this. I can't predict the future. Other clubs are interested. This is my 4th season at OL, that's a pleasure for me. I love this club even if some doubt it. I will be very happy to be here until the end of the season. And if I have to leave before, that's life. This is football, the captain is not the main thing but the team. Judge me on the matches to come. The future is exciting. My goal is for OL to be in the Champions League next season and I will do everything to help them as much as possible."



"It seems to be easy to convert them because you are close but you often miss it especially if you take them a lot. I won't give you my secrets. Good technique and focus are important. The last penalties I took were scored so that's a good thing. I haven't changed my technique."


Speaking French

"I took French lessons. It was going pretty well. You don't know if I don't speak French. I talk a bit with the team. It's a very beautiful language, which I like a lot, but it's very difficult to learn it. Dutch and French are two different worlds. Spanish is closer. There are a lot of similar words. For me, it’s really very difficult to speak it. A lot of people have complained about it."










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