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Olivier Blanc: "Amandine Henry was very surprised and shocked"

Published on 15 October 2020 at 4:07 PM
Olivier Blanc : « Amandine Henry a été très surprise et choquée »
OL women's team director Olivier Blanc speaks about Amandine Henry's not being picked for France.

Coach Corinne Diacre did not pick Amandine Henry. Did this decision surprise you?

“Of course, it’s even a total surprise. We are all very surprised and very disappointed for Amandine who is a leader on the pitch for OL and the French team of which she is the captain ".


Corinne Diacre explains that she wants to give her time to get back to his best...

"It is her position, one that we respect but do not share. Amandine was injured at the start of the season but she has played the last three matches as a starter with OL and gave Jean-Luc Vasseur full satisfaction. She is a leader with OL who has won everything with the club again this season, and I feel like she is a leader with the French team of which she is the captain ".


How did Amandine react to this announcement?

“She was very surprised and shocked by this decision and I felt very affected because she is very attached to playing for France, like all of our French players. "